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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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sElugaLum vayal pudai sUzh
thiruvarangaththu ammAnaich chindhai seydha
neela malarkkaN madavAL niRaivu azhivaith
thAy mozhindha adhanai nErAr
kAla vEl parakAlan kalikanRi
oli mAlai kaRRu vallAr
mAlai sEr veN kudaik kIzh mannavarAyp
ponnulagil vAzhvar thAmE

Word-by-Word meanings

sEl – fish
ugaLum – jumping
vayal – by fertile fields
pudai – in the regions surrounding
sUzh – spread out
thiruvarangaththu – mercifully reclining in the dhivyadhESam named thiruvarangam
ammAnai – on namperumAL, the lord
sindhai seydha – thought
neela malar – like karuneydhal (a dark-purple flower)
kaN – having eyes
madavAL – (parakAla nAyaki) woman’s
niRaivu – complete femininity
azhivai – destroyed
thAy – mother
mozhindha – spoke
adhanai – on that special state
nErAr – enemies who came opposing
kAlan – like yama (deity of death)
vEl – having spear, the weapon (due to that)
parakAlan – like death for enemies
kalikanRi – AzhwAr
oli – mercifully composed
mAlai – these ten pAsurams which are in the form of a garland of words
kaRRu – learning through AchArya
vallAr – those who remain well-versed
mAlai sEr – strung with layers of pearl necklaces
veL – whitish
kudaikkIzh – remaining under the umbrella
mannavarAy – being kings ruling over (and then)
pon ulagil – in paramapadham
vAzhvar – will enjoy.

Simple translation

namperumAL, the lord, is mercifully reclining in the dhivyadhESam named thiruvarangam which is surrounded by fertile fields which are spread out and where fish are jumping. parakAla nAyaki, the woman, who thought about such lord and who is having karuneydhal flower like eyes, lost the completeness in her femininity. thirumangai AzhwAr who is like yama for his enemies and is having spear, a weapon which is like yama for the enemies who come opposing, spoke about that special state in the mood of parakAla nAyaki’s mother and mercifully composed these ten pAsurams which are in the form of a garland of words. Those who learn these pAsurams through an AchArya and remain well-versed, will remain as kings ruling over, being seated under whitish regal umbrella which is strung with layers of pearl necklaces and (will subsequently) enjoy in paramapadham.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

sEl ugaLum … – Thinking about sarvESvaran who is residing in kOyil (SrIrangam) which is surrounded by fertile fields which is joyfully inhabited by animals (fish) too.

neela malar … – One who is having beauty which is meditated upon by the opponent.

niRaivu azhivai – Destroyed her femininity.

thAy … – When she has lost her knowledge and femininity, her divine mother explained her state.

nErAr … – For anyone who comes opposing saying “I am your enemy”, beating their chest, AzhwAr is having the name “parakAlan” (death personified for enemies), and is having a spear which is like death. Those who learnt these garlands of pAsurams by AzhwArs. Instead of grabbing on their own, those who learn from AchAryas.

mAlai … – If one is interested to rule the wealth, one will remain under the pearl umbrella and enjoy it. And then will eternally enjoy in paramapadham.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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