perumAL thirumozhi – 9.7 – pU maruvu narungunji

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

perumAL thirumozhi >> 9th Decad

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avathArikai (Introduction)

In this pAsuram he calls sumanthran (his minister) and vasishtar (his advisor) and asks them whether it is correct for his son to go to forest when he should have actually retired to the forest.

pUmaruvu naRungunji punsadaiyAp punaindhu pUndhugil sEr algul
kAmar ezhil vizhaluduththuk kalan aNiyA(dhu) angangaL azhagu mARi
Emaru thOL en pudhalvan yAn inRu selaththakka vanam thAn sErdhal
thUmaRaiyIr! idhu thagavO? sumandhiranE! vasittanE! solleer nIrE

Word-by-Word Meanings

thUmaRaiyIr – Oh brAhmaNas who recite the pious vEdham!
sumandhiranE – (minister) Oh sumanthra!
vasittanE – (advisor) Oh vasishta!
pU maruvum naRu kunji – having fragrant, divine hair always with flowers
pun sadai A punaindhu – making into matted hair, in a disorderly way
pU thugil sEr algul – on the divine waist where beautiful silken dresses should have been worn
kAmar ezhil vizhal uduththu – making a rope out of grass, which, those who see it would desire to have, and wearing it
kalan aNiyAdhu – not wearing ornaments
angangaL azhagu mARi – without the artificial beauty which that would have created
Emaru thOL en magan – my son, whose shoulders will make enemies to fear
yAn inRu selaththakka – where I (having reached old age) should have gone to
vanam – to the forest
thAn sErdhal idhu – where he, who should have enjoyed pleasures, was going
idhu thagavO – is this proper!
nIrE solleer – you (the elders, who know the path of righteousness) please speak out.

Simple Translation

(My son SrI rAma) whose fragrant, divine hair is always decorated with flowers, is now made into disorderly, matted hair. His divine waist, which will be adorned with beautiful silken dress, is now adorned with a rope of grass. His divine limbs which are not wearing ornaments now, are without the artificial beauty which they would have created [had he been wearing those ornaments]. Oh sumanthra! Oh vasishta! My son, whose shoulders will create fear in the minds of enemies, instead of enjoying pleasures, is now going to forest, which I should have gone to. Is this proper? You please speak out.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pU maruvum naRum kunji pun sadaiyAp punaindhu – the divine hair, which was continuously decorated with flowers such that there was fragrance in it, has now been made into matted hair, which no person would desire to see.

pUndhugil sEr algul kAmar ezhil vizhal uduththu – For sixty thousand years, I have been seeking out and collecting good, beautiful silken dresses for you to wear on your divine waist. Instead of wearing these, you are now wearing grass, which those who see it would desire, converted into a rope. The opinion here is that though this may be good to look at, it would create irritation in the waist.

kalan aNiyAdhu angangaL azhagu mARi – apart from the natural beauty of the limbs, with decoration, further beauty would be seen. Without that additional beauty

Emaru thOL en pudhalvan – my son SrI rAma, who would destroy those who impose hurdles on useful activities, by shooting arrows.

yAn inRu selaththakka vanam thAn sErdhal – having ruled for sixty thousand years and having enjoyed all the pleasures in life, I should be going to the forest [renouncing everything]. My son, being soft, and having to enjoy the pleasures, going to the forest . . . . .

thUmaRaiyIr idhu thagavO – Oh brAhmaNas who recite vEdhavAkyams (verses from vEdhas) such as thaiththirIya upanishath nArAyaNavalli 11 “pathim viSvasyAthmESvaram SASvatham Sivam achyutham” (nArAyaNan is the one who is the ruler of all the worlds, the controller for himself, eternal, pious and does not let go of his devotees)! You please tell this. Is this proper?

sumandhiranE vasittanE solleer nIrE – Oh sumanthra who knows the traditional rAjadharmam (regal statutes) and who has been advising the kings! You tell if this is correct. Oh vasishtA! Being the AchArya (spiritual preceptor) for the sUryavamSis (those born in the clan of sun) and who has been preaching the statutes to the kings, please tell if this is correct.

We will next take up the 8th pAsuram of this decad/

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