perumAL thirumozhi – 9.8 – pon peRRAr

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction)

He reviles kaikEyi, asking her as to what benefit she had reaped after sending SrI rAma, sIthAp pirAtti and lakshmaNa to the forest, bringing blame to bharatha and sending him to the ethereal world.

pon peRRAr ezhil vEdhap pudhalvanaiyum thambiyaiyum pUvai pOlum
min paRRA nuN marungul melliyal en marugiyaiyum vanaththiR pOkki
nin paRRA nin magan mEl pazhi viLaiththittu ennaiyum nIL vAnil pOkka
en peRRAy? kaikEsI! irunilaththil inidhAga irukkinRAyE

Word-by-Word Meanings

kaikEsI – Oh the daughter of kEkaya king!
pon peRRAr ezhil vEdham pudhalvanaiyum – SrI rAma who learnt all the vEdha SAsthrams (traditional texts) from teachers who have the wealth of education
thambiyaiyum – (his) brother lakshmaNa
pUvai pOlum – like the bird pUvai (bush mynA)
min paRRA nuN marungul – having such a slender waist that even lightning cannot match it
mel iyal en marugiyaiyum – pirAtti, my daughter-in-law, who has a soft nature
vanaththil pOkki– making them to go to the forest
nin paRRu Am – one who is affectionate towards you
nin magan mEl – on your son, bharatha,
pazhi viLaiththittu – bringing a blame
ennaiyum nIL vAnil pOkka – (due to sadness of separating from son) making me too to go to the world above, which is far
en peRRAy – what benefit did you get?
iru nilaththil – in this expansive earth
inidhu Aga – comfortably
irukkinRAyE – you are alive

Simple Translation

Oh the daughter of kaikEyi! You have made SrI rAma, who has learnt all the vEdha SAsthrams from great, learned teachers, along with his younger brother, lakshmaNa, and my daughter-in-law, sIthAp pirAtti, whose waist is thinner than even lightning, to go the forest. You have brought blame on bharatha, who is affectionate towards you. You have made me too, to go the world far above. What benefit did you get (out of all these)? In this expansive earth, you are living comfortably.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pon peRRAr ezhil vEdhap pudhalvanaiyum thambiyaiyum – Teachers are considered by everyone to be wealthy people (wealth of education). SrI rAma had learnt from them all the texts which are beautiful. Both he and his younger brother, who is inseparable from him . . .

pUvai pOlum min paRRA nuN marungul melliyal en marugiyaiyum – looking like the bird pUvai (bush mynA), having a slender waist, similar to lightning, and having soft characteristics, sIthAp pirAtti, my daughter-in-law

vanaththil pOkki – sending [the three of them] to the forest

nin paRRA nin magan mEl pazhi viLaiththittu – creating a blame on bharatha, who does not consider anyone other than you as his mother, “He carried out a treacherous act on his brother”

ennaiyum nIL vAnil pOkka en peRRAy kaikEsI – making me too to ascend the world above, what did you get as the benefit for all these acts?

iru nilaththil inidhAga irukkinRAyE – the greatest happiness that one can get out of this samsAram (materialistic realm) is to be together with husband and children. You have sent SrI rAma, who considered you as his mother, to the forest and you have sent me, your husband, to the world above. He [dhaSaratha] reviles kaikEyi, telling her “You are going to enjoy the pleasures of this world very well!”

We will next take up the 9th pAsuram of this decad.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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