perumAL thirumozhi – 6.4 – thAy mulaip pAlil

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perumAL thirumozhi >> 6th Decad

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avathArikai (Introduction)

This pAsuram is yet another cowherd girl’s words.

thAy mulaip pAlil amudhu irukkath thavazhndhu thaLarnadai ittuch chenRu
pEy mulai vAy vaiththu nanjai uNdu piththan enRE piRar Esa ninRAy
Aymigu kAdhalO(du) yAn iruppa yAn ida vandha en thUdhiyOdE
nI migu bOgaththai nangu ugandhAy adhuvum un kOrambukku ERkumanRE

Word-by-Word Meanings

thAy – the mother, yaSOdhaip pirAtti’s
mulaiyil – in (her) bosom
pAl amudhu irukka – even while nectar like milk was available (not drinking that)
thavazhndhu – crawling
thaLar nadai ittuch chenRu – walking unsteadily
pEy mulai vAy vaiththu – nursing from the bosom of demon pUthanA
nanjai uNdu – drinking milk mixed with poison
piththan enRE – called as mad
piRar Esa ninRAy – oh one who stood to be reviled by the people of the town
yAn – I
Ay migu kAdhalOdu iruppa – remaining with lot of affection
nI – you
yAn vida vandha – one who came as my (messenger)
en thUdhiyOdE – with my servant
migu bOgaththai – lot of pleasure
nangu ugandhAy – experienced well
adhuvum – even that
un kOrambukku – for your mischief
ERkum anRE– is it not appropriate?

Simple Translation

While your mother had nectar like milk in her bosom, (not drinking it) you went crawling and with unsteady walk, to the demon pUthanA to drink her milk which was mixed with poison, to be reviled by the people of the town as being mad. While I was waiting with deep affection for you, you enjoyed with my servant who I had sent to you as my messenger. Isn’t that too appropriate, for your mischievous nature?

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thAy mulaippAlil amudhu irukka – your mother observed various rituals in order to conceive you, carried you in her womb for ten months, sustained herself when you were nursing and felt sorrowful and was unable to sustain when you weren’t nursing. When she was having nectar like milk in her bosom in order to nurture you . . . .

thavazhndhu thaLar nadai ittuch chenRu – initially you crawled and later, when that became difficult, you walked on unsteady feet to [where pUthanA was]

pEy mulai vAy vaiththu nanjai uNdu – kept your mouth on the bosom of the demon pUthanA who had no affection for you and drank her milk which was capable of killing you

piththan enRE piRar Esa ninRAy – you stood to be reviled by the common people who said that you are incapable of distinguishing between good, which is to be accepted, and bad, which is to be rejected.

Those things were done when I was a child. Now, I am grown up. What is the foolish act which I indulged in now, if you ask …

Ay migu kAdhalodu yAn iruppa yAn ida vandha en thUdhiyOdE nI migu bOgaththai nangu ugandhAy – I was waiting for you with lot of love. I had sent my servant as my messenger to bring you to me. Did you not enjoy pleasure with her? The word Ay refers to Ayam which means gold. Ay migu kAdhalodu thus means a person who is waiting with desire to attain you, having love for you which will change the colour [of the person] like gold.

yAn iruppa nangu ugandhAy – while I was waiting for you, with love, with my colour drained out [due to separation from you] you desired her, sent by me to you as my messenger, since she was my messenger. Even though you were thinking of enjoying her, she did not have any thought of embracing you. Hence, she would have become unsteady in her thoughts. Despite that, you wanted to hug her. What should I think of you!

adhuvum un kOrambukku ERkumanRE – the word kOrambu refers to mischief. The meaning here is that you will get a bad name of doing mischief; there is no benefit for you.

We will next take up pAsuram 6.5

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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