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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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paNdu mun EnamAgi anRorugAl pAr idandhu eyiRRinil koNdu
theNdirai varudap pARkadal thuyinRa thiruveLLiyangudiyAnai
vaNdaRai sOlai mangaiyar thalaivan mAnavEl kaliyan vAy oligaL
koNdivai pAdum thavam udaiyArgaL ALvar ikkurai kadal ulagE

Word-by-Word meanings

paNdu – In the beginning of varAha kalpam
mun – before the earth got destroyed
Enam Agi – being mahAvarAham (great wild-boar)
anRu orugAl – when the ocean of deluge formed (with the divine heart of “I could not help before”)
pAr – earth
idandhu – dug out
eyiRRinil – on the tusk
koNdu – held
theL – pure
thirai – waves
varuda – to caress (his divine feet)
pARkadal – in thiruppARkadal
thuyinRa – mercifully rested
thiruveLLiyangudiyAnai – on sarvESvaran who is mercifully present in the dhivyadhESam named thiruveLLiyangudi
vaNdu – beetles
aRai – humming
sOlai – having gardens
mangaiyar – for the residents of thirumangai region
thalaivan – being the controller
mAnam – which can cause attachment towards vaishNavas
vEl – having the weapon, spear
kaliyan – AzhwAr’s
vAy oligaL – divine words
ivai – these ten pAsurams
koNdu – with loving care
pAdum – learning/practicing
thavamudaiyAr – fortunate ones
kurai – resounding
kadal – surrounded by ocean
ivvulagu – this world
ALvar – will get to rule over.

Simple translation

In the beginning of varAha kalpam, before the earth got destroyed, sarvESvaran, being mahAvArAham, when the ocean of deluge formed, dug out the earth and held it on his tusk; he then mercifully rested on thiruppARkadal to have the pure waves caress his divine feet; the fortunate ones who are learning/practicing these ten pAsurams on such sarvESvaran who is mercifully present in the dhivyadhESam named thiruveLLiyangudi, with divine words of thirumangai AzhwAr who is the controller of the residents of the thirumangai region which is having gardens with humming beetles, who is having the weapon, spear which can cause attachment towards vaishNavas, will get to rule over this world which is surrounded by resounding ocean.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

paNdu – In the beginning of varAha kalpam.

mun – Being mahAvArAham, before the earth gets stuck into the wall of the oval shaped universe and gets destroyed

anRu … – Thinking “I did not get to help you [before you drowned]”, he dug out the earth, held it on his divine tusk; to eliminate the fatigue, he mercifully rested on thiruppARkadal to be caressed by the waves; such sarvESvaran is present in thiruveLLiyangudi.

vaNdu … – Being the controller of the residents of thirumangai region having gardens where beetles who have drunk honey, are humming.

mAna vEl – Huge spear; (alternative explanation) the spear which will cause attachment towards vaishNavas.

koNdu … – The greatly fortunate persons who would lovingly learn/recite these pAsurams, will have the world surrounded by ocean, to be under their control. Since he [thirumangai AzhwAr] was able to caringly engage his wealth for the service of bhAgavathAs, he considered wealth to be his goal; due to that, since he thinks that even those who learn these pAsurams deserve the same spirit, he is saying that they will get the wealth of kingdom. Alternatively, it could be said that he is identifying these worldly benefits to make this prabandham pursuable by everyone. If those who desire wealth do not see worldly benefits being highlighted, they will not pursue this. Since he lovingly thinks that they too should not miss out on these deep philosophical aspects, he is highlighting the worldly benefits, to attract them.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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