perumAL thirumozhi – 2.9 – moyththuk kaNpani sOra

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction)

When AzhwAr was asked “Should you roam around in a mad way behind those who are roaming around as mad people?” AzhwAr says “In matters related to one’s basic characteristic (being subservient to emperumAn), if one becomes mad, it is not madness at all. Only those, who are not in such a state, are said to be mad”

moyththuk kaNpani sOra meygaL silirppa Engi iLaiththu ninRu
eyththuk kumbidu nattamittu ezhundhu AdippAdi iRainji en
aththaan achchan aranganukku adiyArgaLAgi avarukkE
piththarAmavar piththarallargaL maRRaiyAr muRRum piththarE

Word-by-Word Meanings

kaN pani moyththu sOra – with the eyes shedding tears of joy, like a rainfall
meygaL silirppa – with the (physical) bodies exhibiting goose bumps
Engi iLaiththu ninRu – (meditating on emperumAn), remaining in a forlorn way, becoming tired
eyththu – becoming bewildered
kumbidu nattam ittu – rolling and dancing
ezhundhu Adip pAdi iRainji – getting up, dancing, singing and worshipping
en aththan – being my father
achchan – being the lord
aranganukku – for SrI ranganAthan
adiyArgaL Agi – becoming servitors
avarukkE – only for that periya perumAL
piththarAm avar – those who become mad (due to deep devotion)
piththar allargaL – are not mad
maRRaiyAr muRRum – those who are not as devoted [to emperumAn] as these people
piththarE – are indeed mad

Simple Translation

The followers of emperumAn shed tears of joy, like a rainfall; they develop goose bumps; they remain in a forlorn way and become tired (since they keep meditating on emperumAn). They become bewildered, dance, roll all over, get up again, dance, sing and worship. Such people, who are servitors for only that SrI ranganAthan, who is my father and my lord, are not mad. Only those, who do not exhibit such qualities, are indeed mad.


moyththuk kaN pani sOra – with tears flowing down from the two eyes, like pouring rain

meygaL silirppafor the body to develop goose bumps

Engi iLaiththu ninRu eyththuk kumbidu nattamittu ezhundhu AdippAdi iRainji – constantly meditating on emperumAn, if one were unable to experience him, that person would become forlorn and tired. He (or She) will become bewildered and stunned, not being able to carry out any activity. Not being able to remain in this state too, for long ….

kumbidu nattam ittu – cupping the palms in anjali posture, dancing upside down.

iRainji – prostrating on the floor                                                                   

en aththtan achchan – one who created me and who is my lord

aranganukku adiyArgaLAgi – becoming servitors of those who are servitors of no one other than periya perumAL. The opinion is that the quality of being a servitor to emperumAn will be established only if one is a servitor to emperumAn’s followers.

avarukkE piththarAm avar piththarallargaL – being affectionate towards them, becoming mad as a result of that affection, and roaming around – such people are not mad.

maRRaiyAr muRRum piththarE – only all those who do not become mad as a result of this devotion, are said to be mad. Those who remain calm, without such bewilderment, are said to be mad even if they are wise such as sanaka, sanandha et al [sons of brahmA born through his mind].

In the next article, we will take up the last pAsuram of this decad.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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