periya thirumozhi – 4.9.4 – Asai vazhuvAdhu

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periya thirumozhi >> Fourth centum >> Ninth decad

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

emperumAn says “You are worrying thinking this [not showing myself to you] will cause blame to me; But I will tolerate that”. AzhwAr says “There is something which cannot be tolerated by you and is also a blame for us”. It is said in jithanthE sthOthram “na thE rUpa:” (Your form is not for yourself but your devotees).


Asai vazhuvAdhEththum emakkingu izhukkAyththu adiyOrkkuth
thEsamaRiya umakkE ALAyth thiriginROmukku
kAsinoLiyil thigazhum vaNNam kAttIr emperumAn!
vAsi valleer! indhaLUrIr! vAzhndhE pOm nIrE

Word-by-Word meanings

ingu – in this, your matter
Asai – desire to worship you
vazhuvAdhu – without a break
Eththum – having the nature to praise you
adiyOrkku – your servitors
emakku – for us
izhukkAyththu – (praising) ended up causing blame.
thEsam – all over the place
aRiya – to be known
umakkE – for you, the lord
ALAy – as servitors
thiriginROmukku – for us, who are roaming around
kAsin – (molten) golden coins’
oLiyil – more than the shine
thigazhum – shining
vaNNam – beauty
kAttIr – not showing;
emperumAn – being our lord
indhaLUrIr – oh you who are mercifully present in thiruvindhaLUr!
vAsi valleerE – you who understand the difference of various aspects
nIrE – you
vAzhndhu pOm – remain joyful.

Simple translation

We, your servitors who are having the desire to worship you without a break and having the nature to praise you, ended up causing blame; for us who are roaming around as servitors for you, the lord, to be known all over the world, you are not showing your beauty which is having more shine than the shining molten golden coins; oh you who are mercifully present in thiruvindhaLUr as our lord! You who can understand the difference of various aspects, remain joyful.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

Asai … – As said in “ahanyahani vardhathE” (Everyday hari’s names are growing) as time goes by, my desire overflows and became a blame for us who are having the great sin of having the nature to praise you always.

adiyOrkku – Instead of having to think “Isn’t it apt for the servitor to eagerly praise his lord?” it ended up being a blame.

emakku – You can remain relaxed for the blame you may acquire, but how can you remain like that in our case?

thEsam … – We, the unfortunate ones do not realise what is coming. Had we known about this, we could have kept our affection private. For us, who are roaming around as your servitor, to be known all over the world. Are you remaining relaxed thinking “There is another protector who can be visited and who will fulfil the shortcomings caused by me”.

kAsin … – For us who exclusively exist for you, you are not showing your divine form which is more shining than the molten gold’s lustre as said in thiruvAimozhi 3.1.2sutturaiththa nan pon un thirumEni oLi ovvAdhu” (the best molten gold that is prepared does not compare to the collective radiance of your divine (spiritual) body/form).

emperumAn vAsi valleer – You are able to directly see the greatness of your divine form and inferiority of us who desired for it.

indhaLUrIr – You have descended to and are standing in thiruvindhaLUr to manifest the same divine form which is shown to nithyasUris, to samsAris here. You are distinguishing between different people where you have come to not see such differences.

vAzhndhE pOm nIrE – We thought your divine form is for those who desire for you. If that is not the case, you enjoy it alone and live happily.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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