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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


thArAya thaN thuLava vaNduzhudha varai mArban
pOrAnaik kombosiththa putpAgan en ammAn
thErArum nedu vIdhith thiruvAli nagarALum
kArAyan ennudaiya kanavaLaiyum kavarvAnO!

Word-by-Word meanings

vaNdu – beetles
thArAya – garland
thaN thuLavam – in thiruththuzhAy (with the honey, buds and fragrance)
uzhudha – to become slushy
varai mArban – having a vast, divine chest
pOr Anai – kuvalayApidam which was set to fight
kombu osiththa – being the one who broke the tusk
puL pAgan – having periya thiruvadi (garudAzhwAr) as his vehicle
en ammAn – being my lord
thEr Arum – having shelter for chariot
nedu – huge
vIdhi – having divine street
thiruvAli nagar ALum – eternally residing in thiruvAli town
kAr Ayan – sarvESvaran who is having an invigorating, divine form
ennudaiya – me who is thinking about him only, my
kana vaLaiyum – golden bangles on my hand
kavarvAnO – will he steal?

Simple translation

sarvESvaran is having a vast, divine chest where the beetles cause slush in thiruththuzhAy garland; he broke the tusk of kuvalayApidam which was set to fight; he is having periya thiruvadi (garudAzhwAr) as his vehicle; he is my lord; he is eternally residing in thiruvAli town which is having huge, divine street which is having shelter for chariot; I am thinking about him only; will he steal the golden bangles on my hand?

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thArAya thaN thuLava vaNduzhudha varai mArban – His divine chest will be slushy due to the overflowing honey in his distinguished thuLasi garland. In the thuLasi garland which is decorating his divine chest, honey, buds and fragrance overflow and the divine chest becomes fully slushy being stomped by the beetles. Now, the divine chest is well prepared to bring her bosoms which have acquired golden complexion to plant there; now, she just needs to plant her bosoms there [embrace him]. Looks like the divine chest only accepts those [beetles] who have no desire towards him; the divine chest remains embraceable all the time.

pOr Anaik kombu osiththa – One who effortlessly broke the tusk of the battle-ready kuvalayyApIdam.

Are there any hurdles on his way?

puL pAgan – He has periya thiruvadi as his vehicle. Having the nature of eliminating the enemies, the [garuda] flag can be seen from afar while he comes, which will make those who see, become free from their sorrows.

en ammAn – He made her exist exclusively for him, by showing his presence on chOLEndhra simhan (the name of namperumAL’s elephant).

thEr Arum nedu vIdhi – The divine street is very vast to have himself and his companions/vehicles to move along simultaneously. He will come along with his thousand friends as said in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 3.1.1 “thannErAyiram piLLaigaLOdu thaLar nadai ittu varuvAn” (He will arrive walking beautifully, along with his thousand matching friends).

kAr Ayan – emperumAn who showed his invigorating form and stole the bangles of the girls of five lakh families [in gOkulam], remained dissatisfied due to not taking my bangles. Should he steal the bangles of those who are born after his times as well? For him, even after stealing all the bangles of the girls of the whole town, his body is not showing the satisfaction if parakAla nAyaki’s bangles remains with her.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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