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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


thAnAga ninaiyAnEl than ninaindhu naivERku Or
mInAya kodi neduvEL vali seyya melivEnO?
thEnvAya vari vaNdE! thiruvAli nagarALum
AnAyaRku ennuRu nOy aRiyach chenRu uraiyAyE

Word-by-Word meanings

thAn Aga – on his own
ninaiyAnEl – even if he does not think about me
than ninaindhu – thinking about him
naivERku – I who am suffering
Or mInAya kodi nedu vEL – manmanthan (cupid) who has a unique fish flag
vali seyya – to torment
melivEnO – will I become weak?
thEn vAya – having sweet speech
vari vaNdE – Oh beetle having stripes!
thiruvAli nagar ALum – residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruvAli
An AyaRku – for sarvESvaran who incarnated as krishNa
en uRu nOy – the disease which is present in my body
senRu – you go
aRiya uraiyAy – you should tell him to be known by him.

Simple translation

Even if he does not think about me, will I, who am suffering thinking about him, become weak to be tormented by manmanthan (cupid) who has a unique fish flag? Oh beetle having sweet speech and stripes! sarvESvaran who incarnated as krishNa is residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruvAli. You should go and tell him the disease which is present in my body, to be known by him.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thAnAga ninaiyAnEl – Like the one saying in periya thirumozhi 11.8.7 “vEmbu …” (Like a worm in neem tree). If emperumAn does not think about his own possession. If he is not acting properly. If not thinking about devotees is his sustenance (sarcasm); if he is not thinking about me to sustain himself (sarcasm).

than ninaindhu naivEnO – Can we also not be like him? We did not have a heart to not think about him. One can sustain only if the target entity is such that it can be acquired or not; since emperumAn is distinguished from all of the entities, immediately after meditated upon, one will start suffering.

Or mInAya kodi neduvEL vali seyya melivEnO? – Will I, who desire for emperumAn and suffer in not attaining him, be tormented by manmathan who has fish flag? [Will it match emperumAn’s stature to let this happen?] If he cannot avoid our suffering, as said in periya thirumozhi 10.8.3 “karuLak kodi onRudaiyIr” (Oh one who has garuda flag!), if he himself torments us, what should he do? Think about nanjIyar’s words [shown in pravESam/Introduction of this decad], that even if emperumAn did not help in advance, at least he should help after the fact.

thEn vAya vari vaNdE – Oh beetle with sweet speech! hanuman helped sIthAp pirAtti when she was trying to tie her divine hair to kill herself and helped perumAL (SrI rAma) when he was saying as in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 5.9 “avagAhyArNavam svapsyE” (I am going to sleep under the sea); in this manner hanuman, was a messenger who helped both pirAtti and perumAL with his speech. You can speak sweetly to make him come here even if he is not willing to come.

thiruvAli nagar ALum An AyaRku – If he gets to rule the wealth of thiruvAyppAdi along with the wealth of thiruvAli, then will he have the time to feel sorry for those who are suffering?

en uRu nOy aRiyach chenRu uraiyAyE – He has not come since he does not know about my situation; you go and inform him.


aRiyach chenRu urai – By your weakened walk, he should realise my situation and he should lose wetness in his tongue and teeth and his body should become pale. You should go and tell him in such a manner.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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