periya thirumozhi – 3.3.1 – vAda marudhidai

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periya thirumozhi >> Third centum >> Third decad

Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


vAda marudhidai pOgi mallaraik konRu okkaliththittu
Adal nanmA udaiththu Ayar Aniraikku anRu idar thIrppAn
kUdiya mAmazhai kAththa kUththan ena varuginRAn
sEduyar pUmbozhil thillaich chiththira kUdaththu uLLAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

marudhidai – in between two marudha trees
vAda – as they were in a withered state
pOgi – crawled and went
mallarai – the group of wrestlers such as chANUra, mushtika et al
konRu – killed
okkaliththittu – practising the art of walking
Adal – coming with a dance
nal – beautiful
mA – kESi who assumed the form of a horse
udaiththu – killed
anRu – when indhra caused rainfall
Ayar – cowherds’
Aniraikku – occurred for the cattle
idar – sorrow
thIrppAn – to eliminate
kUdiya – gathered
mA mazhai – great hailstorm (by lifting the mountain)
kAththa – protected
kUththan ena – to have everyone say “he has actions which steal the heart”
varuginRAn – one who is coming
sEdu – tender
uyar – tall
pUm pozhil – having beautiful gardens
thillaich chiththirakUdaththu – in thillaith thiruchchiththirakUdam
uLLAn – is eternally residing.

Simple translation

krishNa crawled and went through the two marudha trees, as they were in a withered state; he killed the group of wrestlers such as chANUra, mushtika et al; he killed kESi, who assumed the form of a beautiful horse which came dancing, having practised the art of walking; when indhra caused rainfall, krishNa protected the herds of cattle of the cowherds  to eliminate the sorrow occurred for them by lifting the mountain to stop the great hailstorm which gathered; one who is said to be having such activities which steal the heart of everyone, is eternally residing in thillaith thirchchiththirakUdam which has beautiful gardens which are [having trees which are] tender and tall.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

vAda … – Since these marudha trees were possessed by demons, as he approached them, they started withering. Going through such trees.

mallaraik konRu – Killing chANUra, mushtika.

Practising walk,

Adal … – Killing KESi who was coming in a dancing manner to mesmerise krishNa; to remedy the sorrow of the cowherds, he protected them from the storms caused by indhra namely pushkalA varthaka etc; he is coming to be praised by everyone saying “He who is having such amazing acts is coming”.

sEdu – Youthfulness, well-rounded.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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