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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


mARu koNdu udanRedhirndha val avuNan than mArbagam irupiLavA
kURu koNdu avan kula magaRku innaruL koduththavan idam midaindhu
sARu koNda men karumbu iLangazhai thagai visumbuRa maNi nIzhal
sERu koNda thaN pazhanamadhu ezhil thigazh thiruvayindhirapuramE

Word-by-Word meanings

mARu koNdu – Considering “I am an enemy”
udanRu – being angry
edhirndha – one who came opposing
val – very strong
avuNan than – the rAkshasa, hiraNya’s
mArvagam – chest
iru piLavA – to become two pieces
kURu koNdu – split him
avan kula magaRku – for prahlAdhAzhwAn who is his son
in aruL koduththavan – for the one who showered his good mercy
idam – abode
midaindhu – being close to each other
sARu koNda – as the juice is flowing
mel – tender
karumbu – sugarcane’s
iLangazhai – the edge of the sprout
visumbu – the sky
uRa – as it reaches
thagai – stopped by (that sky) (that sugarcane’s)
maNi nIzhal – having beautiful shade
sERu koNda – having mud (created by the sugarcane juice)
thaN – cool
pazhanamadhu – fertile fields’
ezhil – beauty
thigazh – shining
thiruvayindhrapuramE – thiruvahindhrapuram.

Simple translation

emperumAn split the chest of hiraNya, the very strong rAkshasa, who considered “I am an enemy” and angrily came opposing, to make it into two pieces and showered his good mercy on his son, prahlAdhAzhwAn; thiruvahindhrapuram is his abode where the closely packed sugarcane’s juice is flowing and such sugarcane’s sprout’s edge is reaching up to the sky and is being stopped by the sky; such abode is shining by the beauty of cool fertile fields with such sugarcane’s beautiful shade and mud.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

mARu koNdu … – He came saying “I am your enemy” to the one who remains as said in SrI bhagavath gIthA “suhrudham sarvabhUthAnAm” (one who is kind-hearted towards all); saying “I am enemy”.

udanRu – While one may be saying “I am enemy”, yet one may not have enmity in the heart; unlike that, he came forward with enmity in heart.

val avuNan – hiRanya’s. Saying “I am enemy” with his mouth, having hatred in the heart, and standing in front due to that – all three are explained. For the demoniac person who was fed with the boons of dhEvas and who acquired great strength by that.

mArvu … – emperumAn who split his vast chest to make it two pieces.  He became weak as he saw the angry form of narasimha; subsequently emperumAn split him into two pieces. One who killed the hardcore enemy hiraNya and showered his mercy on such hiraNya’s son as if it is a benefit for him. sarvESvaran is the one who makes a father protect his son realising his vAthsalyam (motherly forbearance); when such vAthsalyam is missing, and the father showed his true colours (of enmity) and stood, he undertook a closer relationship than being a father and helped prahlAdhAzhwAn.

midaindhu … – As the father himself became an enemy, and as emperumAn helped him as a closer relative than the father, there is no one who is related closer than empeurmAn; even the one who remains in this manner, as said in SrI bhagavath gIthA 6.5Athmaiva ripurAthmana:” (mind alone is one’s enemy), when one showed enmity towards the self, and tried to commit suicide, emperumAn arrived in this abode to care for AthmAs saying “I will not allow you to control yourself”; being close to each other and pushing other trees causing the juice, honey is flowing from the tender; iLam kazhai – edge. As it reaches the sky, the sky will stop saying “We will not allow to grow further”. Such sugarcane which is grown, having good shade; having beautiful shade, and having mud which is caused by the juice flowing from the sugarcane; the fertile fields where such beauty and mud are present and is shining in thiruvahindhrapuram. periya thiruvandhAdhi 57 “thazhIkkoNdu pOravuNan thannai suzhiththengum thAzhvidangaL paRRip pulAl veLLam thAnugaLa” (in the battle, emperumAn embraced him tightly, the flood of blood flowing with a swirl is pervading all the low lying places) – when he killed hiraNyakaSipu, by hiraNya’s flood of blood, there was mud everywhere just as closely packed sugarcanes cause the juice to flood the earth.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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