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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

AzhwAr’s mind asked “What is the reason for praising me saying ‘You are firmly believing without any doubt!’?” AzhwAr says “Many philosophies exist outside our philosophy, to be analysed”.


pongu bOdhiyum piNdiyummudaip puththar nOnbiyar paLLiyuLLuRai
thangaL dhEvarum thAngaLumEyAga en nenjam enbAy !
engum vAnavar dhAnavar niRaindhEththum vEngadam mEvi ninRaruL
angaNAyagaRku inRu adimaith thozhil pUNdAyE

Word-by-Word meanings

en nenjam enbAy – You who can be desired as “my mind!”
pongu – grown well with stems and branches
bOdhiyum – arasa (sacred fig) tree
piNdiyum – aSOka tree
udai – having as refuge
puththar – baudhdhas (followers of budhdha philosophy)
nOnbiyar – amaNas (jainas, followers of jaina philosophy)
paLLi uL – inside their temples
uRai – living
thangaL – their
dhEvarum – worshippable deity
thAngaLumE Aga – to have them only present
engum – in all four directions
vAnavar – dhEvathAs
dhAnavar – asuras
niRaindhu – present densely
Eththum – praising
vEngadam – on thirumalA
mEvi ninRu – present firmly
aruL – one who fulfils the desires of devotees
angaN – having beautiful eyes
nAyagaRku – for the sarvaswAmy (lord of all)
inRu adimaith thozhil pUNdAyE – now, you are engaged in serving him!

Simple translation

You who can be desired as “my mind!” ! While baudhdhas and jainas who have as their refuge, the arasa and aSOka trees with well grown stems and branches, are only present along with their worshippable deities in their temples, the dhEvathAs and asuras in all four directions are praising sarvaswAmy who is firmly present on thirumalA, fulfilling the desires of devotees and having beautiful eyes. Now, you are engaged in serving him!

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pongu bOdhiyum – Well grown arasa tree.

piNdiyum – aSOka tree. baudhdhas and Arhathas would consider these trees as important.

puththar nOnbiyar – baudhdhas and jainas are referred to, here.

paLLi uL uRai thangaL dhEvarum thAngaLumE Aga – Looks like they are only present [everywhere] along with their worshippable deities in their temples. It appears that everyone else is considered as ignorant.

en nenjam … – As AzhwAr’s divine heart disregarded those philosophies and became attached to bhagavAn, others also followed it, giving up other philosophies and became attached to bhagavAn.

engum … – dhEvathAs and asuras have gathered densely and are praising. Alternatively, thAnavar means those who are in that sthAnam (abode).

angaN nAyagaRku – You have become the target of the coolness of his eyes! You have fully offered yourself being defeated by those divine eyes saying as in jithanthE sthOthram 1 “jitham” (Victory)! Did you engage in the activity of those who have submitted themselves saying “jitham“?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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