thiruviruththam – 73 – vAl veNNilavu

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avathArikai (Introduction)

The moon rose to be a huge entity, harming the nAyaki, who swooned, unconsciously. Her mother, seeing this, said “Look at the disgrace which has befallen righteousness”

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

vAl veNNilavu ulagArach churakkum veN thingaLenRum
pAl viNsuravi suramudhirmAlai paridhivattam
pOlum sudar adalAzhippirAn pozhilEzhu aLikkum
sAlbin thagaimaikolAm thamiyAtti thaLarndhadhuvE

Word-by-Word Meanings

veN thingaL enRum – being referred to as the whitish moon
viN – moving in the sky
suravi – cow
vAl veN – being very whitish
nilavu – moon
pAl – milk
ulagu – world, considered as the (receptor) vessel
Ara – to be full
surakkum – secreting
sura – secretion
mudhir – matured
mAlai – night time
thamiyAtti – this girl, without any support
thaLarndhadhu – has crumbled
paraidhivattam pOlum – looking like the sun’s halo
sudar – having radiance
adal – battle-ready
Azhi – one who has the divine disc
pirAn – sarvESvaran, who is the benefactor
Ezh pozhil – the seven worlds
aLikkum – protection
sAlbin – the eminence of protection
thagaimai kolAm – is it the true nature?

Simple Translation

This matured evening (night) is filling up the milk of whitish moon in the container of world. It also has the secretion of the cow which is roaming in the sky as moon. During this time, this girl, who is without anyone to help her, is lying in a crumbled state. Is this due to the nature of sarvESvaran who is having the divine disc which has the radiance of the halo of the sun, and who has the greatness of protecting all the worlds?


vAl veNNilavu . . . – the nAyaki’s mother is having doubts on the capability of sarvESvaran in protecting people, after looking at her daughter’s oppressive state. Whitish moon, which looks like a cow, is in the sky, secreting its white light which looks like milk, into the world, which looks like a container for holding that milk.

viN suravi – the moon is  in the sky, ensuring that the deluge of the nAyaki’s oppression does not come anythere near it.

paridhi vattam . . . – there is an enemy for the moon in the sky. sarvESvaran who showers benefits on all, has the divine disc which has the radiance of sun’s halo and which is always battle-ready.

pozhil EzhaLikkum sAlbin thagaimai kolAm – is this the way of protecting, by one who is the protector of all the worlds? He is at the eminence of protecting all the worlds. Is this his nature? Those who considered him as the protection are in a good position. Even when deluge comes, those who have deep faith in him will escape. However, is this the way to protect, having his divine hands and divine disc? We offer our salutations to his earlier state of protection [this is said in derision].

thamiyAtti thaLarndhadhuvE – Will he, the protector be like this if someone within his sphere of protection remains like this [like the nAyaki]? The mother says that despite her [mother] being together [with the nAyaki], the nAyaki considers herself to be alone, without any support. This is because she considers only the sarvESvaran as the protector and the rest as those who worship other dhEvathAs (deities). In the last stages of one’s life, when the messengers of yama (the deity for righteousness) surround the person, they will not come for help. They will merely say “Whatever has been destined to happen, has to happen” and cause distress only.

svApadhESam (distinguished meaning): This pAsuram states the doubt that those, who saw AzhwAr suffering from the distress due to separation,  had in the protective ability of sarvESvaran.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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