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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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pappa appar mUththavARu pAzhppadhu sIththiraLai
oppa aikkaL pOdha vundha un thamar kANmin enRu
seppu nErmen kongai nallAr thAm siriyAdha munnam
vaippum nangaL vAzhvum AnAn vadhari vaNangudhumE

Word-by-Word meanings

sIththiraLai oppa – like a cluster of pus
aikkaL – mucus
pOdha undha – as it get pushed out (seeing that)
seppu nEr – like a copper pot
mel – soft
kongai – having bosoms
nallAr – the women whom he thought to be his well-wishers
pappa – “Oh my”
appar – the elderly person
mUththa ARu – the way he has aged
pAzhppadhu – is unbelievably bad (saying this way)
thAm – they (who liked him previously, looking at those who were nearby)
un thamar – he who is related to you
kANmin – see his state
enRu – saying this
siriyAdha munnam – before they make fun
nangaL – for us
vaippum – wealth for emergency situations
vAzhvum AnAn – our prosperous life, his
vadhari – SrI badhari
vaNangudhum – let us worship

Simple translation

When cluster of pus which appears like mucus gets pushed out, the women whom he thought to be his well-wishers, who have soft, copper pot like bosoms would say “Oh my! The way this elderly person has aged is unbelievable” and would tell those who are nearby “see the state of this person who is related to you” and make fun of him; let us worship SrI badhari which is the abode of emperumAn who is our wealth for emergency situations and our prosperous life before such situation.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • pappa – AzhwAr is repeating the way the women make fun of this elderly person (who was highlighted in previous pAsuram). pappa – Oh my.
  • appar mUththa ARu – Those women will say “None can avoid old age; but none become as aged as this person!” If we consider regular old age as youth, this will be old age for such state.
  • pAzhppadhu – This made them hate this body and say “This is very bad; this is very very ugly!”
  • sI … – As the mucus get pushed out looking similar to a cluster of pus. As the mucus gets pushed out as a cluster of pus, they will say “Oh my! He is too old! He is very ugly!”
  • un thamar kANmin enRu – While he was youthful and wealthy, they would say “My man! My man!” Now that he has lost his youth and wealth, to make one feel bad about the relationship with him, they would tell each other “He is your man! He is your man!” and argue with each other.
  • seppu … – To make fun of him and play with him, they would relax their upper garment and show a little bit of their bosoms. Opening his eyes, he will try to look at that; seeing that they will tell each other “Girl! With what relationship with these is he trying to look at them?” and laugh at him. Also said as “seppu nEr men kongai nallAr – appar enRu siriyAdha munnam” (Before the women who have copper pot like soft bosoms laugh at him saying “He is too old”) Previously, he would present all his wealth to those girls and get their smile in return; now they will laugh at him just seeing his state of existence.
  • vaippum nangaL vAzhvum AnAn – Worship the divine abode of the one who becomes the sAdhanam (means) immediately when pursued and subsequently the prApyan (end goal). He is not the type who likes at times and laughs at other times. It is said in vishNu dharmam 72.4 “amrutham sAdhanam sAdhyam” (one who is like nectar, means and end goal).

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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