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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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pILai sOrak kaN idungip piththezha mUththirumi
thALgaL nOvath thammil muttith thaLLi nadavAmun
kALaiyAgik kanRu mEyththuk  kunReduththu anRu ninRAn
vALai pAyum thaN thadam sUzh vadhari vaNangudhumE

Word-by-Word meanings

kaN idungi – eyes shrinking
pILai – dirt in the eyes
sOra – to come out
piththu – bile
ezha – to rise
mUththu – having attained old-age
irumi – cough
thALgaL – feet
thammil mutti – hitting each other
nOva – to cause pain
thaLLi – stumble
nadavAmun – before walking
kALaiyAgi – being a youth
kanRu mEyththu – tending the calves
anRu – that day (when indhra showered hail storm)
kunRu – gOvardhana hill
eduththu – lifted as umbrella
ninRAn – stood holding it (for seven days) – his
vALai – fish
pAyum – jumping around
thaN – cool
thadam – ponds
sUzh – surrounded
vadhari – SrI badhari
vaNangudhum – let us worship

Simple translation

SrI badhari is surrounded by cool ponds where the [scabbard] fish are jumping around and is the abode of krishNa who as a youth, tended the calves and lifted the gOvardhana hill and stood holding it as an umbrella back then (when indhra showered hail storm) for seven days; let us worship such abode, before our eyes shrink and dirt from the eyes start coming out, before the bile rises, and having attained old-age, coughing and stumbling due to walking in a stumbled manner due to the feet hitting each other and causing pain.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • pILai sOrak kaN idungi – Eyes becoming reduced in size [and power]; due to losing the wetness, dirt will accumulate.
  • piththu ezha – Becoming very old. To have the limbs being very weak.
  • thALgaL … – Instead of stumbling due to other tools/weapons or other aspects, one’s own feet will hit each other and cause pain. thALgaL thammil mutti – nOva – as the feet hit each other and cause pain. Still one would desirously try to walk; before walking in such stumbled manner.
  • kALaiyAgi – One who grants equality to those who surrender unto him; one can become an eternally youthful person by surrendering to bhagavAn.
  • kanRu mEyththu – One who protects without any hesitation/restriction to those who are to be protected.
  • kunRam eduththanRu ninRAn – He will protect by doing great activities.
  • vALai … – This is the abode where even those entities (fish) which have no qualification live joyfully.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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