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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

In the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr explained how emperumAn destroyed lankA for [sIthAp] pirAtti and in this pAsuram, he is speaking about how he destroyed the bulls for the sake of nappinnaip pirAtti.


thudikoL nuNNidaich churiguzhal
thuLangeyiRRu  iLangodi thiRaththu Ayar
idikoL vengural inavidai adarththavan
irundhanal imayaththu
kadikoL vEngaiyin naRumalar amaLiyin
maNiyaRai misai vEzham
pidiyinOdu vaNdisai solath thuyilkoLum
piridhi senRadai nenjE !

Word-by-Word meanings

thudikoL – like udukkai (a percussion instrument which is slim in the middle)
nuN – very slender
idai – waist
suri – curly
kuzhal – hair
thuLangu – shining
eyiRu – having teeth
iLam kodi thiRaththu – for nappinnaip pirAtti who resembles a young creeper
Ayar – herdspeople’s
idi koL – like a thunder
vem – cruel
kural – having sound
inam vidai – the seven bulls which appeared in a herd
adarththavan – sarvESvaran who destroyed
irundha – eternally residing
nal – good
imayaththu – in himavAn
vaNdu – beetles
isai sola – as they are humming
kadi koL – having fragrance
vEngaiyin – malabar kino tree’s
naRum – beautiful
malar – flower-filled
amaLiyil – on the bed
maNi – filled with blue gem stones
aRai misai – on the rocks
vEzham – exultant elephant
pidiyinOdu – along with its female counterpart
thuyilkoLum – sleeping
piridhi – thiruppiridhi
senRu – go
nenjE – Oh mind!
adai – try to reach.

Simple translation

Oh mind! sarvESvaran destroyed the herdspeople’s herd of seven bulls which were having thunder like cruel sound, for the sake of nappinnaip pirAtti who resembles a young creeper, who is having a very slender waist resembling a udukkai (a percussion instrument which is slim in the middle), very slender waist and shining teeth; such sarvESvaran is eternally residing in thiruppiridhi in the good himavAn; here the beetles are humming; on the fragrant flower-filled malabar kino tree’s bed (floor beneath), on the rocks which are filled with blue gem stones, exultant elephant is sleeping along with its female counterpart. Go to such thiruppiridhi and reach there.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • thudi … – AzhwAr is speaking about nappinnaip pirAtti’s physical beauty and youth which will not make one withdraw even after seeing the cruel nature of the bulls. If this is the objective, would one not engage even in “karumAri pAyvadhu” (Act of jumping into a tank in kAmAkshi amman temple in kAnchIpuram (or other similar places), where spears will be placed. A man who is desirous of a particular woman will jump in there and if he avoids the spears, he will get to marry and if he does not, he will die); since the result is to get married to nappinnaip pirAtti, one could not see the cruel nature of the bulls. One who has very slender waist like a thudi (udukkai). He engaged with the horns of the bulls as said in thiuviruththam 21kOttidai Adinai“. Desiring to attain one kombu (a slender woman), he fell between two kombu (horns of the bulls). She has beautiful curly hair. Her teeth line resembles a shining moon in the dark.
  • iLam kodi thiRaththu – As said in SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 118.34 “pathi samyOga sulabham vaya:” (Seeing my age which is apt to get married to a man), she is at the age where she is seeking a husband as a creeper would seek a supporting pole. For such nappinnaip pirAtti.
  • Ayar … – Bulls which are owned by the herdspeople and which have the sound of thunder. Not just one or two, he destroyed all seven. This battle cannot be conducted as it was done in lankA for several days. Since they are the hurdles to embrace her, he destroyed them together by embracing them tightly.
  • irundha nal imayaththu – After killing the bulls and attaining nappinnaip pirAtti, this is the abode, where both of them started dwelling. This is the abode where the most loving lord is residing. He arrived here to help all his followers just as he helped nappinnaip pirAtti.
  • kadi … – The flower-bed which formed under the malabar kino tree, by the fresh, fragrant flowers which fell from the tree. In there, maNi aRai misai – inside the caves, on the rocks which resemble blue gemstones, which are dark and convenient for union. The male elephant with its female counterpart, remained there. maNi aRai – carbuncle rocks. aRai – rock. Also, said as very distinguished rocks.
  • vaNdu … – The elephants are resting here just as some princes will rest while having their feet massaged by servants. Since this is the abode of bhagavAn who killed the enemies and united with nappinnaip pirAtti and who is a great enjoyer, even the animals here would remain romantic. The male and female elephants would reside here enjoying the songs of the beetles.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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