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Essence of thiruvAimozhi 7.7


In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL is following AzhwAr’s pAsurams of emperumAn’s facial beauty tormenting in a single-focussed manner and is mercifully explaining it.

How is that done? The beauty of the face/head of emperumAn which was spoken about in thiruvAimozhi 7.6.6malgu neelach chudar thazhaippa” (bluish gem with well spread, abundant bluish radiance interleaved with blossomed, radiant, splendorous lustre), became well rooted in AzhwAr’s heart; AzhwAr kept thinking about it and that beauty virtually appeared as if it is really present in front of him, and tormented him both individually and together. AzhwAr revealed the torture he went through in the mood of a pirAtti (consort of emperumAn) who is suffering [in separation] due to uruveLippAdu (visualisation). mAmunigaL mercifully explains this principle explained in “Ezhaiyar Avi” starting with “EzhaiyargaL“.


EzhaiyargaL nenjai iLaguvikkum mAlazhagu
sUzha vandhu thOnRith thuyar viLaikka – Azhumanam
thannudanE avvazhagaith thAn uraiththa mARanpAl
mannumavar thIvinai pOm mAyndhu


word-by-word meanings

EzhaiyargaL –  samsAris (materialistic people) who are fickle minded
nenju – heart
iLaguvikkum – melting
mAl azhagu – emperumAn’s beauty
sUzha vandhu thOnRi – seen everywhere, having surrounded
thuyar viLaikka – causing sorrow
Azhum manam thannudanE – along with the heart which was immersed in that ocean of sorrow
avvazhagai – that beauty
thAm uraiththa – himself enjoyed and mercifully spoke
mARanpAl – towards AzhwAr
mannumavar – those who remain attached
thIvinai – sins
mAyndhu pOm – will be destroyed

Simple Translation

Along with his heart which was immersed in the ocean of sorrow caused by emperumAn’s beauty which surrounded and was seen everywhere, and was melting the hearts of samsAris who are fickle minded, AzhwAr enjoyed and mercifully spoke about such beauty of emperumAn. The sins of those who remain attached to such AzhwAr, will be destroyed.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam

  • EzhaiyargaL nenjai iLaguvikkum mAl azhagu – The beauty of eyes etc in the lotus face of sarvESvaran which will melt the hearts of the helpless, desirous ladies.
  • sUzha vandhu thOnRith thuyar viLaikka – Surrounding everywhere and being present in the memory and being harmful by causing sorrow. That is as said in SrI rAmAyaNam AraNya kANdam 39.14 “vrukshE vrukshE paSyAmi – pASa hastham ivAnthakam” (mArIcha says to rAvaNa – I am seeing SrI rAma in every tree, as a terminator handling his bow like a tether (rope)). mAmunigaL is following the first pAsuram “Ezhaiyar AviyuNNum iNaik kURRangalO aRiyEn” (I am unable to determine if these are a pair of death personified which consume the life of girls).
  • Azhu manam thannudanE avvazhagaith thAn uraiththa – Mercifully spoken by AzhwAr,
    • individually as in
      • veNNey uNdAn thiru mUkku enadhAviyuLLE mAttiya val viLakkin sudarAy niRkum” (the divine nose of the one who mercifully ate the gathered butter, is shining like a raised, big, firm flame of a lamp in my heart) [2nd pAsuram]
      • neela nedu mugil pOl thirumEni ammAn thoNdai vAy
        ElundhisaiyuL ellAm vandhu thOnRrum” (In all directions, wherever I see, the divine lips (which are having thoNdai (a reddish) fruit like complexion) of my lord who is having a huge cloud like blackish form, are arriving) [3rd pAsuram]
      • kaNNa perumAn puruvam avaiyE en uyir mElanavAy aduginRana enRu ninRE” (They are the divine eye brows of krishNa who is life giver and the father for cupid, and is greater than all; they are always remaining firm in tormenting my soul) [4th pAsuram]
      • kunRam eduththa pirAn muRuval enadhAvi adum” (the smile of the great benefactor who lifted gOvardhana and protected, is burning my soul) [5th pAsuram]
      • paividap pAmbaNaiyAn thirukkuNdalak kAdhugaLE
        kaividal onRum inRi aduginRana” (The divine ears having attractive earrings which are in the form of fish and are like well grown sprouts, of one who is having hooded, poisonous thiruvanthAzhwAn as his mattress, are tormenting me in all manner, without giving up) [6th pAsuram]
      • perumAn than thirunudhalE kOL manni Avi adum” (The attractive, divine forehead of krishNa who is having greatness of having four types of branched out, tall shoulders, assuming pride, being determined to have the life of mine who is pathetic, is tormenting my soul) [7th pAsuram]
    • collectively as in “kOL izhaith thAmaraiyum kodiyum pavaLamum villum kOL izhaith thaN muththamum thaLirunguLir vAn piRaiyum kOL izhaiyA udaiya kozhunjOdhi vattangol? kaNNan kOL izhai vANmugamAyk kodiyEn uyir koLginRadhE” (Is it a complete jyOthirmaNdalam [a zone of effulgence] with lotus flowers, creeper, coral, bow, cool pearl, sprouts, cool beautiful crescent having its own radiance as ornament? krishNa’s radiant divine face which is itself an ornament, is stealing the life out of me, who is having cruel sin) [8th pAsuram]
    • and further as said in “mAyan kuzhal viLginRa pUndhaNdhuzhAy virai nARa vandhu en uyirai kaLginRavARu” (The divine hair of krishNa who is having an amazing form, which is having blossomed flowers and having fresh thuLasi, which is spreading its fragrance, has come to steal my heart) [9th pAsuram] as explained in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 1.8.2 “sengamalap pUvil thEn uNNum vaNdE pOl pangigaL vandhu un pavaLa vAy moyppa” (just as honey-drinking beetles will swarm around a reddish lotus flower, hair flows over your coral-like lips) and sthOthra rathnam 35 “lalAta paryantha vilambitha alakam” (having divine hairs which lean up to his divine forehead).

With such sorrow-drenched heart,

  • avvazhagaith thAn uraiththa mARanpAl mannumavar thIvinai pOm mAyndhu – AzhwAr enjoyed the beauty of boundlessly enjoyable face/head and mercifully spoke about the same. The strong sins of those who are attached to such AzhwAr will be destroyed without a trace. thIvinai – dhushkarmam – sins. When it is recited as “mARan sol mannumavar thIvinai pOm mAyndhu“, it means, the hurdles of those who firmly place in mind and recite thiruvAimozhi which was mercifully spoken by AzhwAr, will be destroyed without a trace.

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