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Essence of thiruvAimozhi 6.1


In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL is following AzhwAr’s pAsurams of sending messenger due to suffering in separation and is mercifully explaining it.

How is that done? Without giving up the divine feet of emperumAn, even after AzhwAr performed the unfailing SaraNAgathi (surrender) in four decads viz thiruvAimozhi 5.7 nORRa nOnbu, thiruvAimozhi 5.8 ArAvamadhE, thiruvAimozhi 5.9 mAnE nOkku and thiruvAimozhi 5.10 piRandhavARum, which is like brahmAsthram, since he did not fulfil AzhwAr’s desire for the sake of protecting the universe (by making AzhwAr remain here and sing thiruvAimozhi), AzhwAr became very weakened due to not attaining his desire, and thought “As he has vowed to protect the suffering ones, he will certainly come and help us, if he were informed about our plight; he has become immersed in the opulence in thiruvaNvaNdUr and has forgotten us”. With the help of gataka (connector, messenger), AzhwAr is informing his situation to the divine son of dhaSaratha, who said in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 8.3 ‘nathyajEyam‘ (I will not abandon even if he has faults). He does that in the mood of a nAyaki (heroine) who cannot wait until her nAyaka (hero) arrives at her, and who sends a messenger to him. mAmunigaL mercifully explains this principle explained in “vaigal pUngazhivAy” starting with “vaigal thiruvaNvaNdUr“.


vaigal thiruvaNvaNdUr vaigum irAmanukku en
seygaithanaip puLLainangAL seppum enak kaikazhindha
kAdhaludan thUdhu vidum kArimARan kazhalE
mEdhiniyIr nIr vaNangumin


word-by-word meanings

mEdhiniyIr – Oh residents of the world!
thiruvaNvaNdUr – “in thiruvaNvaNdUr
vaigal – always
vaigum – mercifully present
irAmanukku – for dhaSaratha chakravarthi’s son
puL inangAL – Oh flock of birds!
en seygaithanai – my state
seppum ena – inform him”, saying this
kaikazhindha kAdhaludan – with great love
thUdhu vidum – sending (birds as) messengers
kAri mARan – AzhwAr’s
kazhalE – divine feet only
nIr vaNangumin – you worship

Simple Translation

Oh residents of the world! Saying “Oh flock of birds! Inform my state to dhaSaratha chakravarthi’s son who is mercifully present in thiruvaNvaNdUr always”, AzhwAr is sending birds as messengers with great love. You worship such AzhwAr’s divine feet.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam

  • vaigal thiruvaNvaNdUr vaigum irAmanukku – mAmunigaL is thinking about AzhwAr’s pAsuram “thERu nIrp pambai vadapAlaith thiruvaNvaNdUr mARil pOr arakkan madhiL nIRezhach cheRRugandha ERu sEvaganAr” (SrI rAma is in thiruvaNvaNdUr which is on the northern bank of the pampA river which is having pristine water. He destroyed the fort of lankA, which was headed by rAvaNa who has no comparison in battle and is having rAkshasa (demoniac) birth which causes cruelty in battle, to become dust and became joyful due to that and feeling as “kruthakruthya” . You tell such SrI rAma, who is having abundance of valour) [10th pAsuram] The target of the second dhUthu (thUdhu – message) is vibhavam (SrI rAmAvathAram). azhagiya maNavALap perumAL nAyanAr said in AchArya hrudhayam 166 “vyavasAyagyar rakshaNasthairyam pampOththara dhEchastham” (The firmness in protection of those have faith in him, is seen in thiruvaNvaNdUr, which is on the northern banks of pampA). sIthAp pirAtti, the beautiful descendant of janaka clan, too sent her messenger saying as in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 39.10 “jIvanthIm mAm yathArAmas sambhAvayathi kIrthimAn” (You can speak to me with the same respect given by the glorious SrI rAma to me), towards SrI rAma, the divine son of dhaSaratha chakravarthi, who is always residing in thiruvaNvaNdUr to protect those who are subsequent to the times of rAmAvathAram.
  • en seygai thanaip puL inangAL vaigal seppum ena – Oh those who have pakshapAdham (two meanings – wings, favouritism)! Go immediately. That is, as he revealed, his great sorrow, in the following pAsurams to all.
    • kurginangAL! vinaiyAttiyEn kAdhanmaiyai – kaigaL kUppich cholleer” (Oh group of storks! you perform the action of a servitor matching his lordship; and you inform him about my love. I who am having the sin which has caused this separation from him) [1st pAsuram]
    • pAdham kai thozhudhu paNiyIr adiyEn thiRamE” (You see him to make me see him subsequently, performing anjali towards his divine feet, inform him my situation,me who is his servitor) [2nd pAsuram]
    • thiRangaLAgi engum seygaL Uduzhal puL inangAL! adiyEn idarai – iRangi nIr thozhudhu paNiyIr” (Oh flocks of birds roaming everywhere amidst the fertile fields! Seeing such emperumAn there, lower yourself, worship him and inform him the sorrow in separation, of me who is parathanthra) [3rd pAsuram]
    • mada annangAL! udalam naindhoruththi urugum enRuNarththuminE” (Oh humble swans! On seeing such emperumAn, inform him that a unique woman is having her body weakened and is melting) [4th pAsuram]
    • udan mEyum mada annangAL! adiyEnukkum pORRuminE” (Oh swans who are having attachment towards each other, grazing without separating from each other! You offer some praises on my behalf too) [5th pAsuram]
    • punnai mEl uRai pUm kuyilgAL! mARRam koNdaruLIr maiyal thIrvadhoru vaNNamE” (Oh cuckoos who are eternally residing on the punnai tree! Bring the reply message from him with the means to eliminate my bewilderment and mercifully give [that to me]) [6th pAsuram]
    • adaiyALam thirundhak kaNdE enakkonRurai oN kiLiyE” (Oh beautiful parrot! Seeing the emperumAn with the apt characteristics clearly, please tell a word on behalf of me) [7th pAsuram]
    • karundhiN mAm mugil pOl thirumEni adigaLaiyE – thirundhak kaNdu enakkonRuraiyAy oN siRu pUvAy!” (Oh attractive myna who is having a small form! You properly see the lord of all, who is having a divine form resembling dark, firm, huge cloud, and bring a message for me who is desiring to know his opinion) [8th pAsuram]
    • adigaL kai thozhudhu alar mEl asaiyum annangAL kodiya val vinaiyEn thiRam kURumin vERu koNdE” (Oh swans who are swaying on the flower due to the blowing wind, just like those who sleep on a mattress! Humbly engage in devotional activities towards his divine feet instead of manifesting your supremacy, in a private location, inform him about me who is having very pitiable and strong sin in the form of this love) [9th pAsuram]
  • kai kazhindha kAdhaludan thUdhu vidum – As said in “ennaiyum uLaL enmingaLE” (You tell him “I, who am other than the one whom he attained by destroying his enemies, am still waiting”) [10th pAsuram] – if he does not arrive and protect, I won’t exist; as AzhwAr is saying “I have as much existence for you to come and protect me”, this reveals how he sent the messenger with great love.
  • kAdhaludan thUdhu vidum kArimARan kazhalE mEdhiniyIr nIr vaNangumin – Oh residents of this world! For your result, you worship and pray at the divine feet of AzhwAr who prayed to gatakas (messengers) for his result. As AzhwAr said in thiruvAimozhi 9.1.7mAnilaththevvuyirkkum” (for all AthmAs on this vast earth) , mAmunigaL is also advising everyone in the world.

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