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nAchchiyAr thirumozhi

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In the eighth padhigam, ANdAL was in a sorrowful state, viz. her sustenance itself was in doubt. Clouds were there in order to go to emperumAn and inform him of her state.  However, without going anywhere, they rained off their contents and disappeared totally. Due to the rainfall, lot of flowers blossomed there. Those flowers reminded her of emperumAn’s divine limbs and divine form, and started torturing her. We see in the world that objects such as moon, breeze, flower etc which give happiness when united with beloved, give suffering when separated. With emperumAn’s separation troubling her deeply, she reveals how they [the above-mentioned objects] make her difficult to sustain herself, both in this and in the next (10th) padhigams. She undergoes the same experience in these two padhigams which nammAzhwAr underwent in the padhigam “innuyirch chEval” (thiruvAimozhi 9-5 padhigam). This padhigam relates to her experience with thirumAlirunjOlai emperumAn.

First pAsuram. She says that cochineal (a species of moth) insects have hidden thirumAlinjOlai such that we cannot see it. She is wondering whether we will escape from the net spread by azhagar [azhagar or kaLLazhagar or sundharaththOL udaiyAn is the divine name of emperumAn residing at thirumAlinjOlai].

sindhurach chembodip pOl thirumAlirunjOlai engum
indhiragOpangaLE ezhundhum parandhittanavAl
mandharam nAtti anRu madhurak kozhunjARu koNda
sundharaththOL udaiyAn suzhalaiyil ninRu uydhungolO?

At thirumAlirunjOlai, cochineal insects (a variety of moth), in red colour, have risen everywhere, spreading themselves. Alas! Will we escape from the net cast by emperumAn sundharaththOLudaiyAn (emperumAn at thirumAlirunjOlai) who took pirAtti, who is like nectarean juice, when he churned the milky ocean with manthara mountain, in order to help the celestial entities when they surrendered to him to get nectar?

Second pAsuram. I desired the garland which emperumAn azhagar has donned on his shoulder. Who will I reveal my sufferings to, which I had to endure due to that?

pOrk kaLiRu porum mAlirunjOlai ampUmbuRavil
thArk kodi mullaigaLum thavaLa nagai kAttuginRa
kArkkoL padAkkaL ninRu kazhaRich chirikkath thariyEn
Arkkidugo? thOzhi! avan thAr seydha pUsalaiyE

thirumAlirunjOlai is the place where elephants, which are engaged in war, will fight and play with each other. Buds of jasmine flower from the creepers of mountain slopes in thirumAlirunjOlai remind me of the the whitish smile of azhagar. Flowers from the plant padA (a medicinal nut) appear to be standing firmly and smiling at me as if saying “You cannot escape from me”. I am unable to sustain myself due to that. Oh friend! Who will I reveal my bewilderment caused by the garland on his divine shoulders?

Third pAsuram. Looking at the flowers which match his divine complexion, she asks “Is what he did proper?”

karuviLai oNmalargAL! kAyA malargAL! thirumAl
uruvoLi kAttuginRIr enakku uyvazhakku onRu uraiyIr
thiruviLaiyAdu thiN thOL thirumAlirunjOlai nambi
vari vaLaiyil pugundhu vandhi paRRum vazhakkuLadhE

Oh beautiful karuviLai flowers (creeper with dark blue flowers)! Oh kAyAmbU flowers (dark purple flowers)! You remind me of the divine form of thirumAl. Please tell me a way to escape. Is it proper on the part of thirumAlirunjOlai azhagar, who has stout shoulders which is the place where pirAtti plays, and who has completeness in his qualities, to enter my house and forcefully rob my bangles?

Fourth pAsuram. She chides five cruel criminals who torture her.

paimbozhil vAzh kuyilgAL! mayilgAL! oN karuviLaigAL!
vambak kaLanganigAL! vaNNappUvai naRumalargAL!!
aimberum pAdhagargAL! aNi mAlirunjOlai ninRa
emperumAnudaiya niRam ungaLukku en seyvadhE?

Oh cuckoo birds which live in the expansive gardens! Oh peacocks! Oh beautiful karuviLai flowers (wild creeper with dark blue flowers)! Oh fresh berberries! Oh kayA (dark purple) flowers with beautiful colour and fragrance! Oh five criminals in all! Why do you all have the beautiful complexion of thirumAlirunjOlai azhagar? (Is it to torture me?)

Fifth pAsuram. She asks the beetles, streams and lotus flowers which are there to tell her a refuge.

thunga malarppozhil sUzh thirumAlirunjOlai ninRa
sengaN karumugilin thiru urup pOl malar mEl
thongiya vaNdu inangAL! thogu pUnjunaigAL! sunaiyil
thangu sendhAmaraigAL! enakku Or saraN sARRuminE

Oh swarm of beetles which are settled on flowers which appear like the beautiful form of azhagar emperumAn, who has a beautiful form like a dark cloud and reddish eyes like the beautiful lotus flower and who is standing mercifully in thirumAlirunjOlai which is surrounded by orchards with rising flowers! Oh beautiful streams which are close together! Oh reddish lotus flowers which are in those streams! Please tell me a refuge.

Sixth pAsuram. She desires to submit one hundred pots of butter and one hundred pots of sugar rice to azhagar emperumAn. emperumAnAr fulfilled her desire many years later and was celebrated as “nam kOyil aNNar (my elder brother from SrIrangam)” by ANdAL.

nAru naRumpozhil mAlirunjOlai nambikku nAn
nURu thadAvinil veNNey vAy nErndhu parAvi vaiththEn
nURu thadA niRaindha akkAravadisil sonnEn
ERu thiruvudaiyAn inRu vandhu ivai koLLungolO?

emperumAn has completeness in his qualities and resides permanently in thirumAlirunjOlai which has streams full of fragrance. I submitted butter in hundred pots to that emperumAn, through my words. Further, I submitted sweet sugar rice in hundred pots, through these words. Will azhagar emperumAn, whose wealth is increasing by the day, mercifully accept these two offerings today?

Seventh pAsuram. She says that if azhagar emperumAn accepts her offerings, she will carry out more and more kainkaryams to him.

inRu vandhu iththanaiyum amudhu seydhidap peRil nAn
onRu nURu AyiramAgak koduththup pinnum ALum seyvan
thenRal maNam kamazhum thirumAlirunjOlai thannuL
ninRa pirAn adiyEn manaththE vandhu nEr padilE

My lord azhagar resides permanently at thirumAlirunjOlai mountain where southerly breeze is gently blowing with fragrance. If that azhagar mercifully partakes of the hundred pots of butter and hundred pots of sugar rice, and without stopping at that, if he resides in my mind, I will submit hundreds of thousands of pots of butter and sugar rice and carry out further kainkaryams to him.

Eighth pAsuram. She asks whether the announcement made by sparrows of azhagar’s arrival is true.

kAlai ezhundhirundhu kariya kuruvik kaNangaL
mAlin varavu solli maruL pAdudhal meymmai kolo?
sOlai malaip perumAn thuvarAbadhi emperumAn
Alin ilaip perumAn avan vArththai uraikkinRadhE

Flocks of black coloured sparrows, getting up early in the morning, are speaking the words of the supreme being who is the lord of thirumAlirunjOlai, the king of SrI dhwAraka and who is lying on a tender banyan leaf. They are announcing the arrival through the musical tone of paN. Will this happen?

Ninth pAsuram. When will I, who am wasting myself like a konRai tree (Indian laburnum tree) get to hear the sound of emperumAn’s conch and the drawing of the chord of his bow?

kOngalarum pozhil mAlirunjOlayil konRaigaL mEl
thUngu pon mAlaigaLOdu udanAy ninRu thUnguginREn
pUngoL thirumugaththu maduththu Udhiya sangoliyum
sArnga vil nANoliyum thalaippeyvadhu engyAnRu kolO

thirumAlinjOlai has groves where the Indian malabar trees are flowering. I am remaining without any use similar to the golden coloured garlands which are hanging atop the Indian laburnum trees which are seen on the slopes of thirumAlirunjOlai hill. When will the sound of SrI pAnchajanyam which is kept on the beautiful lips of emperumAn and the sound of the drawing of chord on SArngam, his bow, come near me?

Tenth pAsuram. She completes the decad by revealing the benefit to those who sing this decad.

sandhodu kAr agilum sumandhu thadangaL porudhu
vandhu izhiyum silambu ARu udai mAlirunjOlai ninRa
sundharanai surumbAr kuzhal kOdhai thoguththu uraiththa
sendhamizh paththum vallAr thirumAL adi sErvargaLE

nUpura gangai is a stream which is flowing past the banks on either side, with sandalwood and eaglewood trees, in thirumAlirunjOlai. azhagar emperumAn is residing permanently in thirumAlirunjOlai. ANdAL, who has tresses which are full of beetles, mercifully composed ten pAsurams on that emperumAn in thirumAlirunjOlai. Those who are capable of reciting these ten pAsurams will attain the divine feet of SrIman nArAyaNan.


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