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nAchchiyAr thirumozhi

<< padhinmUnRAm thirumozhi

In thiruppAvai, ANdAL had established prApyam (end benefit) and prApakam (means to achieve it). Since she did not get the end benefit then itself, she became perplexed and in nAchchiyAr thirumozhi, fell at the feet of kAman (deity for love) initially. After that, she went for the early morning bath (paninIrAttam); tried her hand at completing the circle for finding if her wish would get fulfilled; heard the words of cuckoo; desired to see emperumAn in person but since it did not fructify, enjoyed him in her dreams, sustaining herself; enquired from SrI pAnchajanyAzhwAn about the divine nectar of emperumAn’s divine mouth; enquired about emperumAn with clouds, sent those clouds as messenger to him; became sorrowful after seeing that flowers which were blossoming, reminded her of emperumAn, told how they tortured her; reminisced on how she was born as a girl, and still not finding emperumAn, she consoled herself that he will come for the sake of periyAzhwAr, felt sorrowful since he didn’t come even for that; prayed to those who were nearby to somehow take her to places where he dwelt; asked them to bring articles such as vestment, garland etc to sustain herself; even then emperumAn did not come.

Though she was born in the prapanna kulam (clan of those who had surrendered to emperumAn) the reason for her condition is her excessive affection for emperumAn. emperumAn was also waiting for her to attain the state of paramabhakthi (existing if united with emperumAn and perishing if separated). She too, like nammAzhwAr, is aiming to attain emperumAn even if she has to compel him. Due to the overflowing of this sorrow, she is mercifully saying in this padhigam “kaNdIrE” (as if one person is asking a query) and “kaNdOmE” (as if the other person is responding).

Looking at her attempts, can we say that she is trying means other than emperumAn to attain him? No, we cannot say that. This condition of hers has resulted only because of her excessive love for emperumAn, the great quality of emperumAn and her inability to bear the separation from him; she has not done these acts [mentioned in the first paragraph] as an attempt to follow other means. That will not align with her svarUpam (basic nature). Those who are thinking of emperumAn as the means will never think of other means.

First pAsuram. Leaving aside his experience in paramapadham, he incarnated here so that he could enjoy the excessive butter in SrI gOkulam and marry nappinnaip pirAtti. In line with his desire, he roamed around vrundhAvanam (brindhAvan) and attained greatness.

patti mEyndhOr kArERu baladhEvaRku Or kIzhk kanRAy
ittIrittu viLaiyAdi ingE pOdhak kaNdIrE?
ittamAna pasukkaLai inidhu maRiththu nIrUtti
vittuk koNdu viLaiyAda virundhAvanaththE kaNdOmE

kaNNan, who was unique and like a black colured bull, used to roam around all the places without any restraint. He was the unique, obedient younger brother of baladhEvan (balarAman). He used to carry out various activities as a channel for his happiness and playing. Have you seen those? We have seen kaNNan in vrundhAvanam, calling out his favourite cows  by their sweet names, taking them to drink water, letting them to graze  and playing.

Second pAsuram. She says that they had seen him wearing the vanamAlai vaijayanthi (divine garland) and playing with his friends in vrundhAvanam.

anunga ennaip pirivu seydhu AyarpAdi kavarndhuNNum
kuNungu nARik kuttERRai gOvarththananaik kaNdIrE?
kaNangaLOdu minmEgam kalandhArpOla vanamAlai
minunga ninRu viLaiyAda virundhAvanaththE kaNdOmE

Have you seen kaNNan who separated from me such that I became sorrowful, seizing SrI gOkulam and enjoying, having the smell of butter all over him, looking like a young bull and nourishing the cows well? We have seen him, playing with his friends in vrundhAvanam with the whitish vanamAlai [divine garland] on his blackish divine form, similar to lightning and cloud appearing together.

Third pAsuram. She says that they saw kaNNan in vrundhAvanam, with garudAzhwAr spreading his wings [in the sky] as an umbrella for him and carrying out kainkaryam.

mAlAyp piRandha nambiyai mAlE seyyum maNALanai
ElAp poygaL uraippAnai ingE pOdhak kaNdIrE?
mElAl parandha veyil kAppAn vinadhai siRuvan siRagennum
mElAppin kIzh varuvAnai virundhAvanaththE kaNdOmE

Have you seen around this place kaNNan who incarnated with the affection towards cowherd girls as his divine form, who is the affectionate bridegroom and who tells ill-fitting lies? We have seen emperumAn in vrundhAvanam with garuda spreading his wings in the sky like a canopy such that the scorching rays from sun do not fall on the dark divine form of kaNNan.

Fourth pAsuram. She enjoys emperumAn looking like a splendrous elephant calf.

kArththaN kamalakkaN ennum nedungayiRu paduththi ennai
Irththuk koNdu viLaiyAdum Isan thannaik kaNdIrE?
pOrththa muththin kuppAyap pugarmAl yAnaik kanRE pOl
vErththu ninRu viLaiyAda virundhAvanaththE kaNdOmE

emperumAn has his divine eyes which are like cool lotus flowers, which have blossomed on dark clouds. Have you seen sarvESvaran emperumAn who, with those eyes which are like a long rope, ensnared me, pulling my heart towards him and playing? We have seen him in vrundhAvanam, like a huge elephant calf which has a covering made of pearls, has radiance and is playing with perspiration all over the body [she is equating the droplets of perspiration to a covering made of pearls]

Fifth pAsuram. She says that emperumAn donning his divine pIthAmbaram (yellow coloured vestment) was roaming in the street, like a little dark cloud with a streak of lightning across it.

mAdhavan en maNiyinai valaiyil pizhaiththa panRi pOl
Edhum onRum koLaththArA Isan thannaik kaNdIrE?
pIdhaga Adai udai thAzhap perungAr mEgak kanRE pOl
vIdhiyAra varuvnai virundhAvanaththE kaNdOmE

Have you seen the great sarvESvaran who is the consort of SrI mahAlakshmi, being very sweet like a bluish gem for me, being proud like a boar which has escaped from a net, not giving away anything which is in his possession to anyone? We have seen emperumAn in vrundhAvanam with his divine yellow coloured vestment hanging low splendrously, dark and stout like a small cloud, mercifully filling up the street.

Sixth pAsuram. She says that they had seen him with his black divine form with reddish effulgence, similar to the sun rising from udhayagiri (mountain from where sun rises).

dharumam aRiyAk kuRumbanaith than kaich chArngam adhuvE pOl
puruva vattam azhagiya poruthamiliyaik kaNdIrE?
uruvu kariyadhAy mugam seydhAy udhayap paruppadhaththin mEl
viriyum kadhirE pOlvAnai virundhAvanaththE kaNdOmE

Have you seen emperumAn who does not know an entity called mercy, who is constantly engaged in doing mischiefs, who is beautifully decorated with his divine eye brows looking like the bow SArnga which is on his hand, and who does not exist in congruence with his followers? We have seen him at vrundhAvanam who looks like the sun coming out of the mountain over which it rises, since he has reddish effulgence on his dark divine form.

Seventh pAsuram. She says that they have seen emperumAn coming amidst his friends in virundhAvanam, just like ether which is together with its gathering of stars.

poruththam udaiya nambiyaip puRam pOl uLLum kariyAnai
karuththaip pizhaiththu ninRa akkarumA mugilaik kaNdIrE?
aruththith thArA kaNangaLAl Arap perugu vAnam pOl
viruththam peridhAy varuvAnai virundhAvanaththE kaNdOmE

Have you seen kaNNan who is an apt swAmy (lord), who has his heart too darkened like his divine form [does not have any mercy], who is different from my thoughts and who is like a black, huge cloud? We have seen that emperumAn who is in a large crowd with his friends, just like the sky which is full of stars which are desired by those who are desirous of worldly pleasures, at vrundhAvanam.

Eighth pAsuram. She says that they have seen emperumAn with his beautiful tresses shining on his divine shoulders, and playing.

veLiya sangu onRu udaiyAnaip pIdhaga Adai udaiyAnai
aLi nangudaiya thirumAlai AzhiyAnaik kaNdIrE?
kaLi vaNdu engum kalandhARpoL kamazh pUnguzhalgaL thadandhOL mEl
miLira ninRu viLaiyAda virundhAvanaththE kaNdOmE

Have you seen kaNNan, who has the whitish, incomparable SrI pAnchajanyam (divine conch), having the divine yellow coloured vestment, having mercy, having the divine disc and being the consort of SrI mahAlakshmi? We have seen him at vrundhAvanam with his beautiful tresses which are fragrant as if beetles, which are joyous having drunk honey, have spread on all the sides, hanging splendrously on his divine shoulders.

Ninth pAsauram. She says that they have seen emperumAn who was hunting demons in forests, in vrundhAvanam.

nAttaip padai enRu ayan mudhaLAth thandha naLir mAmalar undhi
vIttaip paNNi viLaiyAdum vimalan thannaik kaNdIrE?
kAttai nAdith thEnuganum kaLiRum puLLum udan madiya
vEttai Adi varuvAnai virundhAvanaththE kaNdOmE

Have you seen the puritan emperumAn, who created the residence of navel with the huge flower, asking prajApathis (those who created the world) such as brahmA, telling them “Create the worlds” and who enjoyed the juice of playing? We have seen kaNNan, who hunted down the demon dhEnukan, the elephant, kuvalayApIdam and the demon bakAsuran [in the form of stork] in forests such that they got killed instantanrously.

Tenth pAasuram. She completes the decad by saying the benefit for those who meditate on this padhigam always is that they will be with emperumAn inseparably, carrying out kainkaryam to him.

parundhAtkaLiRRukku aruL seydha paraman thannai pArin mEl
virundhAvanaththE kaNdamai vittuchiththan kOdhai sol
marundhAm enRu tham manaththE vaiththuk koNdu vAzhvArgaL
perundhAL udaiya pirAn adikkIzhp piriyAdhenRum iruppArE

These pAsurams have been mercifully composed by ANdAL who is the divine daughter of periyAzhwAr, about her having been able to worship the sarvESvaran, who had showered his grace on SrI gajEndhrAzhwAn (elephant) who has stout legs, at vrundhAvanam in this world. Those who meditate on these pAsurams in their minds as the antidote for the disease of birth, will get to carry out permanent kainkaryam at the great, divine feet of emperumAn, without separating ever.



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