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UrAr uRangilum thAn uRangA uththaman than                   63
pErAyinavE pidhaRRuvan pinnaiyum
kArAr kadal pOlum kAmaththar AyinAr                                 64
ArE pollAmai aRivAr adhu niRka

Word by Word Meanings

UrAr uRangilum uRangA – even when everyone else in that place sleeps, they [the long eyes] will not sleep
uththaman than – that supreme entity’s
pEr AyinavE – only his divine names
pidhaRRuvan – I kept saying incoherently.
mElum – further
kArAr kadal pOlum kAmaththar AyinAr – those who have unlimited lust, like the deep sea
ArE – who
pollAmai aRivAr – will know what is not in line with one’s basic nature
adhu niRka – let that remain


nedum kaNgaL uRaR uRangilum thAn uRangA – when asked, “Could you not forget this distress due to separation, by sleeping”, she says “Even if everyone else sleeps, my eyes do not sleep” just as it has been said in thiruvAimozhi 2-1-1Ayum amarulagum thunjilum nI thunjAyAl” (even if my mother and entities like the nithyasUris, who are always awake and who constantly keep envisioning emperumAn, sleep, you do not fall asleep).

nedum kaNgaL – the hugeness of the eyes, which were the reason for ensnaring him, is now a huge load on my head. Just as it has been said in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 16-5 “asithEkshaNA” (sIthAppirAtti with black eyes), when they were together, her eyes were capable of making him to be involved with her.

UrAruRangilum thAnuRangA –  those who are in the place where she resides are not aware of the concept of sleeping, just as it has been said in thiruvAimozhi 6-7-2Urum nAdum ulagamum thannaip pOl” (the place, country and the world were all alike her). Even if such people sleep, she says that her eyes will not sleep.

uththaman – one who has the greatness of being easily approachable. He enticed me by showing his simplicity and made me become sleepless.

pEr AyinavE pidhaRRuvan – isn’t it better not to think about him when he does not help? Unable to do even this, I will keep reciting his names incoherently; I will recite them in a random way. For those who are deeply devoted to emperumAn, is it possible to carry out anything in an orderly way?

pinnaiyum – They started saying a few comforting words, beyond that, such as “Did not the daughter of king janaka [sIthAppirAtti] wait patiently for ten months?”

kAr Ar kadal pOlum kAmaththar AyinAr ArE pollAmai aRivAr – when the desire crosses all limits, just like a deep sea, is it possible to wait patiently, thinking that the people [of the town] will abuse? What does it matter to me as to who they were? I will consider their desire to be less than mine. For those like me who have uncontrolled desire to see the divine form of kaNNa (SrI krishNa) which has the complexion of dark clouds, is it possible to control that with svarUpagyAnam [knowledge about one’s true nature, viz. one is totally subservient to the supreme being]? If sIthAppirAtti could wait patiently with her svarUpagyAnam saying “thath thasya sadhruSam bhavEth” (it is apt for him (SrI rAma) to come here and take me along) I can only conclude that their desire is inferior to mine. I cannot be faulted for this.

adhu niRka – you do not have to say “You cannot establish that what you are doing is correct, because you are doing it”. There is authentic evidence to show that great people have done this. Distinguished women from the past have destroyed their femininity for the sake of love.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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