periya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAy

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mannu malarvAy maNivaNdu pinthodara
inniLam pUndhenRal pugundhu Ingu iLa mulai mEl                       33
nannaRum sandhanachchERu uLpularththath thAngarum sIr
minnidai mEl kaivaiththu irundhu EndhiLamulai mEl                        34

Word by word meaning

kaRpagaththin mannu malar vAy maNivaNdu pinthodara – being followed by beetles which had settled on the flowers of kalpaka vruksha (celestial, wish-fulfilling tree)
in iLa pU thenRal – the most enjoyable southerly wind
Ingu pugundhu – wafting inside wherever these people are going
iLa mulai mEl – on top of the young bosom
nal naRu sandhana sERu uL pularththa – drying up a fragrant sandal wood paste
thAnga aru sIr min idai mEl kai vaiththu irundhu – keeping the hand on the (subtle) difficult-to-bear waist which is like a beautiful lightning
Endhu iLa mulai mEl – on top of the well-risen bosom


kaRpagaththin mannum malarvAy maNivaNdu pinthodara – the beetles have given in writing that they have been enslaved by the honey dripping from the flowers of kaRpaga tree and are residing permanently inside these flowers. Such beetles, forgetting even that, are totally won over by the sweet fragrance of the southerly winds and are following the wind, humming continuously, just like court poets follow their king wherever he goes, singing paeans on him.

inniLam thenRal Ingu pugundhu – being sweet to touch and being soft, the gentle southerly wind, carrying fragrance of flowers, enters the place where they are present

iLa mulai lEl nannaRum sandhanachchEru uL pularththa – the bosom of celestial ladies are such that they will even bewilder sages who have given up attachment to lust and make them fall head over heels. The wind, spoken of in the earlier line, would gently fan the sandalwood paste smeared on such bosom and dry it.

thAngarum sIr min idai mEl kaivaiththu – the celestial damsel , whose beautiful, lightning-like waist is so slender that it would find it difficult to bear the bosom on top, allows this person (who has reached svargam) to keep his hand on the waist and enjoy her completely.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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