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AzhwAr had said in the previous pAsuram that even if one were born in a lowly birth in this world, that birth in which a chEthana engages in servitude to emperumAn is the greatest. In this pAsuram he says that he considers even mOksham (liberation) as a suffering if that mOksham makes him forget emperumAn.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

piRappiRappu mUppup piNi thuRandhu pinnum
iRakkavum inbudaiththAmElum maRappellAm
EdhamE enRallAl eNNuvanE maNNaLandha
pAdhamE EththAp pagal

Word by Word Meanings

piRappu iRappu mUppu piNi thuRandhu – getting rid of birth, death, old age and disease

pinnum – beyond that

iRakkavum inbu udaiththAmElum – even if the immeasurable blissful kaivalya mOksham (a state in which AthmA enjoys itself) occurs

maN aLandhAn – sarvESvara (lord of all) who measured the worlds

pAdham – divine feet

EththA – not worshipped

pagal – that which occurs during that time

maRappu ellAm – being forgetful [of emperumAn]

EdhamE enRallAl eNNuvanE – will I think of it as anything other than being the embodiment of sorrow?


piRappu iRappu mUppu piNi thuRandhu pinnum iRakkavum inbu udaiththAmElum– After getting rid of birth, death, old age and disease in samsAram (materialistic realm), even if immeasurable happiness results. The opinion here is that even if kaivalyam, which is the immeasurable experience of AthmA about itself occurs, as mentioned in SrI bhagavath gIthA 7-29jara maraNa mOkshAya” (the liberation which follows old age and death), thiruvAimozhi 1-7-1piRaviththuyaraRa” (to get rid of the sorrow of repeated birth and death), thiruvAimozhi 8-3-2 “maraNam thORRam vAnpiNi mUppenRivai mAyththOm ” (we have achieved nothing other than getting rid of birth, death, terrible diseases and old age), thiruvAimozhi 6-9-10kuRugA neeLA iRudhi kUdA enai uZhi siRugA perugA aLavailinbam sErndhAlum maRugAlinRi mAyOn! unakkEyALAgum siRU kAlaththaiyuRumO? andhO! theriyilE” (Oh amazing entity! Even if we get the pleasure if kaivalyam in which there is no change in the basic nature of AthmA, there is no contraction or expansion etc over very long period of time, if we analyse, will it equal the pleasure of being your servitor even if it is for a very short time? Alas, it will not).

iRakkavum inbudaiththAmElum – even if immeasurable happiness results…..

maNNaLandhAn pAdhamE EththAppagal maRappellAm EdhamE enRallAl eNNuvanE – will I consider that state [of kaivalyam] as one of happiness instead of one of sorrow if I do not praise the divine feet of emperumAn who measured all the worlds and who is the epitome of simplicity, but forget about him during that time of enjoying that happiness [resulting from that kaivalyam]?

We will take up the 81st pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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