periya thiruvandhAdhi – 81 – pagalirA enbadhuvum

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In the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr said that the time when he forgets emperumAn, even if he is in a state of liberation, is sorrowful. In this pAsuram, he describes the way emperumAn rules over him without making any distinction between day and night.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

pagalirA enbadhuvum pAviyAdhu emmai
igal seydhu irupozhudhum ALvar thagavAth
thozhumbar ivar sIrkkum thuNaiyilar enRu OrAr
sezhum paravai mEyAr therindhu

Word by Word Meanings

therindhu sezhu paravai mEyAr – one who analyses and goes to thiruppARkadal (milky ocean) to recline

ivar – this AzhwAr

thagavA thozhumbar – has lowliness and not qualified (for his mercy)

sIrkkum – to meditate on his (superior) qualities

thuNai ilar – does not have support

enRu OrAr – not analysing

pagal irA enbadhuvum – that it is day time or it is night time (having or not having the qualification for experiencing emperumAn’s auspicious qualities)

pAviyAdhu – not bothered about it

emmai – this servitor

igal seydhu – combating (ruling over)

iru pozhudhum – during both times

ALvar – will engage (in his qualities)


pagal irA enbadhuvum pAviyAdhu emmai igal seydhu iru pozhudhum ALvar – Without thinking that day time is for carrying out deeds and night time is for taking rest, emperumAn, waging a battle with AzhwAr, keeps attracting AzhwAr with his auspicious qualities constantly, during both times [day and night] in such a way that AzhwAr would feel very happy when he gets to experience those qualities and feel distressed when not experiencing them enough. There is cure for a hurt caused by an arrow, but is there a cure for a hurt caused by qualities!

thagavAth thozhumbar ivar sIrkkum thuNaiyilar enRu OrAr – he is remaining without analysing whether AzhwAr is qualified to receive his mercy due to his lowliness or that he does not have anyone with whom he could discuss about emperumAn’s qualities and pass his time purposefully  just as it is mentioned in SrI bhagavath gIthA 10-9machchiththA madhgathaprANA bOdhayantha: parasparam I kathayanthaScha mAm nithyam thushyanthi cha ramanthi cha II” (having a focussed mind towards me, keeping their lives in me, informing each other (about my qualities) they [emperumAn’s devotees] keep conversing with each other and keep remaining happy).

Who is that entity?

therindhu sezhum paravai mEyAr – one who is reclining in thiruppARkadal after analysing that it is the apt place to get followers and to experience them.

We will take up the 82nd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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