periya thiruvandhAdhi – 50 – pirindhonRu nOkkAdhu

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AzhwAr loathes in this pAsuram saying “Looking at the similes (cloud, ocean, mountain etc), we are thinking that these are only emperumAn. But he is not showering his grace on us ”. Just as AzhwAr had mentioned in his thiruvAimozhi 2-7-6edhirsUzhal pukku enaiththOr piRappum”, AzhwAr is not thinking of the efforts taken by emperumAn to obtain AzhwAr whenever he had taken birth in this samsAram. With the (physical) body given by emperumAn and after developing a desire in emperumAn due to the efforts put in by emperumAn, even if there is a slight delay on the part of emperumAn [in coming to the chEthana],  that appears like a fault for AzhwAr. He is not considering the toils of emperumAn when he had come after AzhwAr wondering if he would get involved with him during each of his earlier births. The saying in SAsthras that when a chEthana (sentient entity) gets involved with emperumAn and if emperumAn does not shower his mercy on the chEthana, then it is emperumAn’s fault, is explained here. However much troubles a child may give its mother, if the mother does not give food to her child when the child cries for food, then it is said that the mother is at fault.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

pirindhonRu nOkkAdhu thammudaiya pinnE
thirindhuzhalum sindhainaiyAr thammaip purindhorugAl
AvA ena irangAr andhO validhE kol
mAvAy piLandhAr manam

Word by Word Meanings

pirindhu – other than self [emperumAn]

onRu nOkkAdhu – not thinking of anything else

thammudaiya pinnE – going behind him

thirindhu uzhalum – roaming, and tottering

sindhanaiyAr thammai – my mind

oru kAl – even once

purindhu – showering mercy

A A [AvA] ena – saying “Oh my! How sad!”

irangAr – he is not showing any consideration

andhO – Oh my!

mA vAy piLandhAr manam – the mind of emperumAn who tore the mouth of demon kESi, who came in the form of a horse

validhE kol – how did it become so hardened?


pirindhu onRu nOkkAdhu thammudaiya piNNe thirindhu uzhalum – without thinking of anything else, following only him and tottering

sindhanaiyAr thammaip purindhu oru kAl A A [AvA] ena irangAr – he [emperumAn] does not show mercy on the heart [AzhwAr’s], by looking at it with affection, thinking “There is none for this heart other than myself”,

andhO validhE kol mAvAi piLandhAr manamemperumAn had killed the demon kESi for the sake of his followers, in order to rid them of their troubles. How such emperumAn’s mind has hardened now! The mind of one, who tore the mouth of a horse for the sake of his followers then, has become like a stone now, says AzhwAr.

We will take up the 51st pAsuram next.

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