periya thiruvandhAdhi – 47 – ninaiththiRainji

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emperumAn tells AzhwAr “You are considering me as the means and goal and keep praising me to spend your time. But the other people in samsAram are just the opposite of this” to which AzhwAr responds “They are people without your grace. Do not feel bad about this”.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

ninaiththiRainji mAnidavar onRirappar enRE
ninaiththidavum vENdA nI nErE ninaiththiRainja
evvaLavar evvidaththOr mAlE adhu thAnum
evvaLavum uNdO emakku

Word by Word Meanings

mAlE – Oh sarvESvara! (who cannot be estimated)
mAnidar – manushyas (chEthanas or samsAris, dwellers of the materialistic realm)
ninaiththu – thinking
iRainji – worshipping
onRu irappar – will seek a small benefit
enRu – saying like this
nI – you
ninaiththidavum vENdA – do not think
nErE ninaiththu – thinking (of you), as you are
iRainja – to worship
evvaLavar – how much knowledge do they (samsAris) have?
evvidaththAr – in which place are they?
adhu thAnum – that too (seeking other benefits)
evvaLavum – even a little bit
emakku uNdO – do we (who have your grace), have?


ninaiththiRainji mAnidavar onRu irappar enRE nI ninaiththidavum vENdA – [AzhwAr tells emperumAn] Do not think that other samsAris are “thinking of me, falling at my feet but unlike you [AzhwAr] they do not ask for me as the benefit; they are asking for lowly benefits”.

nErE ninaiththiRainja evvaLavar evvidaththOr – who can think clearly that you are the natural means and goal? From which place and with what level of knowledge could they think this way? The implied meaning here is that only nithyars (permanent dwellers of paramapadham) and mukthars (those who have got liberated from samsAram and have attained paramapadham) could think this way.

mAlE – Oh the great entity! The opinion is that those with very low levels of knowledge cannot think of a great entity such as emperumAn and arrive at a conclusion that emperumAn is like this or that these are his qualities.

adhu thAnum evvaLavum uNdO emakku – Do I have such lowly quality that these samsAris have, of seeking other benefits from you? For persons like me who have your grace, there is no connection with other lowly benefits. It is no wonder that other samsAris, who do not have your blessing, ask for other benefits from you. The opinion is that emperumAn cannot dislike them because of this.

We will take up the 48th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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