periya thiruvandhAdhi – 43 – avayam ena

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emperumAn is one who removes hurdles of chEthanas (sentient entities). AzhwAr says that for those who do not attain such emperumAn, it is not possible to overcome the mental agonies which they suffer in this world.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

avayam ena ninaindhu vandha surar pAlE
navaiyai naLirvippAn thannai kavaiyil
manaththuyarai vaiththirundhu vAzhththAdhArkkuNdO
manaththuyarai mAykkum vagai

Word by Word Meanings

avayam ena ninaindhu – thinking (of you) as the refuge
vandha surar pAlE – with the dhEvathas (celestial entities) who came
navaiyai – sorrows
naLirvippAn thannai – sarvESvaran who made (the sorrows) to tremble
kavai il manaththu – in the mind without any doubt
uyara vaiththu – holding aloft
irundhu – being stable
vAzhththAdhArkku – those who do not praise
manam thuyarai mAykkum vagai uNdO – is there any way by which they can remove mental agonies?


avayam ena ninaindhu vandha surar pAlE navayai naLirvippAn thannai – Just as it is said in SrI vishNu purANam 1-9-35 “yadhAvath kathithO dhEvair brahmA prAha thatha: surAn I parAvarESam SaraNam vrajadhvamasurArdhanam II” (brahmA, who was well informed by dhEvas (celestial entities) of their troubles, told them “surrender to bhagavAn who is the lord for all without any distinction between lofty and lowly people and who is the enemy for demons”), emperumAn is one who will make the troubles of dhEvas, who approach him saying abhayam (refuge,) to tremble and disappear. The word navai refers to troubles; this could also be taken to refer to sins which are the cause of troubles.

kavaiyil manaththu uyara vaiththirundhu vAzhththAdhArkku uNdo manaththuyarai mAykkum vagai – Is there any way by which mental agonies could be removed for those who do not keep emperumAn in their doubtless minds in a lofty place and who do not praise him? The word kavai refers to doubt – should we hold on to sensory perceptions such as Sabdha (sound) etc or should we hold on to emperumAn? Or it could refer to the doubt as to whether we should move away from emperumAn since we do not have the necessary quality to be with him or should we not leave emperumAn. Keeping emperumAn in a lofty place in the mind would mean that we think of him as our means, our goal, our sustenance, our nourishment and our enjoyment.

We will take up the 44th pAsuram next.

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