nAnmugan thiruvandhAdhi – 93 – kAppu maRandhaRiyEn

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emperumAn asks of AzhwAr “AzhwIr! You are talking about past when you say maRandhaRiyEn. Is it not possible to forget in the future?” AzhwAr responds “Oh benefactor! For those who know your protection and your nature, is it possible to ever forget you?”

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

kAppu maRandhaRiyEn kaNNanE enRiruppan
Appangazhiyavum palluyirkkum Akkai
koduththaLiththa kOnE guNaparanE unnai
vidhath thuNiyAr mey theLindhAr thAm

Word for Word Meanings

angu – during the time of that deluge
pal uyirkkum – for all AthmAs (souls)
Appu ozhiyavum – even if the body and the senses had got destroyed

(once again)
Akkai koduththu – giving physical forms
aLiththa – one who gave mercifully
kOnE – Oh benefactor!
kAppu – the protection (that you are giving mericully)
maRandhaRiyEn – I will never forget
kaNNanE enRiruppan – I will be very firm that it is only kaNNan (krishNa) [who is both means and goal]
guNam – by the auspicious qualities
paranE – Oh the supreme lord!
mey theLindhAr thAm – those who know (the basic nature) truly and clearly
unnai vida thuNiyAr – will not let go of you


kAppu maRandhaRiyEn – Oh emperumAn! Did you think that I have forgotten the protection that you have been giving me right from the time that I was inside the womb? Is there any way by which I can forget you when you have been my protector from the day that I was formed?

When asked whether he would not forget if he goes after other means and worldly matters…

kaNNanE enRiruppan – Is there any possibility for me to go after other means and other goals when you, who incarnated as krishNa, are the means and the goal? AzhwAr asks further whether it is possible to give up emperumAn if one meditates on the benefits that he has given and his auspicious qualities.

Appangu ozhiyavum palluyirkkum Akkai koduththu aLiththa kOnE – Oh swAmy (lord)! You gave forms to all the souls and protected them when they were struggling after losing their bodies and senses [during the time of deluge]. Appu – the body and senses are referred to by the term Appu since they are the implements with which the soul is bound to samsAram (materialistic realm).

kOnE – This implies that since he is the ‘owner’ he has protected the owned.

Appangaozhiyavum . . . .kOnE – Is it possible to go away from you after seeing the way you had been protecting from the initial days? Is it possible to go away from you after seeing your being the lord?

guNapparanE – Just as it is mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 1-1-1uyarvaRa uyar nalam udaiyavan” one who is much superior to all due to your auspicious qualities!  Is it possible to leave you after seeing your auspicious qualities?

unnai vidath thuNiyAr mey theLindhAr thAm – those who know you truly, will never think of leaving you ever.

unnai . . . thAm – can we leave you saying that you are not the protector? Can we leave you saying that you are not the benefactor? Can we leave you saying that you have faulty qualities? Can we leave you saying that you are not the ordained lord? How do we leave you?

We will move on to the 94th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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