mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 89 – mudindha pozhudhil

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AzhwAr wonders whether it isn’t at thirumalai that one can see and experience emperumAn who is attainable by everyone like this! This pAsuram says that everything about thirumalai – the hilly people there, the bamboos, thiruvEngadamudaiyAn who has taken residence – is desirable for him.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

mudindha pozhudhil kuRavANar Enam
padindhuzhusAl paindhinaigaL viththa thadiththezhundha
vEyngazhaipOy viNthiRakkum vEngadamE mElorunAL
thInguzhal vAyvaiththAn silambu

Word by Word Meanings

mudindha pozhudhil kuRavANar – the chieftains of hilly people, who are at the throes of death due to old age
Enam padindhu uzhu sAl – on the lands where wild boars (due to their arrogance) plough deeply (such that bamboos will get uprooted)
pai thinigaL viththa – sowing new seeds [on those lands]
thadindhu – even after they have been cut
ezhundha – rising aloft (due to the fertility of the soil)
vEyngazhai – bamboo sticks
pOy – rising up
viN thiRakkum – reaching to the skies
vEngadam – thiruvEngadam
mEl oru nAL ­– at an earlier point of time
thIm kuzhal – the sweet flute
vAy vaiththAn – kaNNapirAn (krishNa) who kept [that flute] on his divine lips
silambu – his divine hill


mudindha pOdhil kuRavANar – the chieftains among hilly people who have reached their last stage. The old hilly people, of whom others will say “he will die now; he will die tomorrow” etc.

Enam padindhu uzhusAl paindhinaigaL viththa – since the old hilly people cannot plough the land, they will plough the land with the help of wild boars and sow beautiful millet seeds on the lands thus ploughed. Even if they are not capable of ploughing the lands, they cannot remain without carrying out their hereditary work.

thadindhu ezhundha vEyngazhai pOy viN thiRakkum vEngadamE – while they have sown the seeds the previous day at dawn, they will go to the forest next day dawn to cut the bamboos. Those bamboos would have grown rapidly and risen tall, piercing the sky.

vEyngazhai pOy viN thiRakkum – while they would have sown something (millet seeds) something else would have grown (bamboo).

Which is this place?

mEl oru nAL thInguzhal vAy vaiththAn silambuemperumAn who kept the beautiful bamboo flute on  his divine lips and played on it to captivate all the living creatures in thiruvAyppAdi (SrI gOkulam) so that they all become his. thirumalai is the residence of that thirumAL in order to captivate all the people of the world.

We could rearrange the verse in this way – mudindha pozhudhil thInguzhal vAy vaiththAn – the meaning for this will be: isn’t it at dusk, when the day time comes to an end, that kaNNan plays on the flute? thirumalai is the apt hill for such emperumAn.

We will take up the 90th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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