mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 90 – silambum seRikazhalum

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When the bamboo growing at thirumalai itself has become desirable, is it necessary to say that emperumAn who is residing there, is desirable? AzhwAr mentions the way by which emperumAn protects his followers. He says “Won’t you realise that there is no space for him to measure?”.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

silambum seRikazhalum senRisaippa viNNAR
alambiya sEvadipOy aNdam pulambiya thOL
eNdhisaiyum sUzh idam pOdhAdhu enkolO
vaNduzhAy mAl aLandha maN

Word by Word Meanings

silambum – decorative anklets (which have been applied on the divine feet)
seRi kazhalum – hollow anklets which have been applied closely
senRu isaippa – making noise everywhere
viN ARu – AkASa gangai (river gangA in the ethereal layer)
alambiya – cleaned
sE adi – the divine feet
aNdam pOy – when they extended until the walls of the universe
pulambiya – fit to be worshipped (by everyone)
thOL – divine shoulders
eN dhisaiyum sUzh – to permeate all eight directions
idam pOdhAdhu – there was no place
vaN thuzhAy mAl – emperumAn who is donning the beautiful thuLasi garland
aLandha – the one that he measured
maN – the earth
en kol – how big is it! [it appears that it is only small]


silambum seRi kazhalum senRu isaippa – in such a way that the divine anklets and the closely worn hollow anklets make noise

viN Aru alambiya sEvadi pOy – the divine feet which have been cleaned by AkASa gangA, reach out to. We can also construe the meaning as – the divine feet which have been touched by AkASa gangA, reach out to.

sEvadi pOy aNdam senRisaippa – reaching until the walls of the universe

pulambiya thOL eNdhisaiyum sUzha – the divine shoulders which are praised by all the worlds “How beautiful these shoulders are”, permeating in the eight directions. Just as mentioned in vishNu dharmam – mAngalya sthOthram “sangais surANAm dhivi bhUthalasthais thadhA manushyair gaganE cha kEcharai: sthutha: kramAn ya: prachakAra sarvadhA mamAsthu mAngaLyavrudhdhayE hari:” (let that hari who is worshipped by the dhEvas (celestial entities) in svarga (heaven), by the manushyas (humans) on the earth and those who wander around in the skies and who graced with his divine feet, bless me for my growth), he is worshipped by celestial entities in large gatherings.

vaNduzhAy mAl aLandha maN idam pOdhAdhu enkolOemperumAn who is decorated with thuLasi garland. The emperumAn whose thuLasi garland gave out his wealth. Since there was no further space to measure, AzhwAr is wondering as to how he measured. He is amazed that while there was no space to stand and measure, how did emperumAn measure. One should have arranged for the space to be measured. Without doing it, how did he measure it, he is wondering.

We will move on to the 91st pAsuram next.

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