mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 83 – iniyavan mAyan

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AzhwAr says that even though emperumAn is one who cannot be seen or thought of by anyone, now he has entered my heart first and is dwelling there.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

iniyavan mAyan ena uraipparElum
iniyavan kANbariyanElum iniyavan
kaLLaththAl maN koNdu viN kadandha paingazhalAn
uLLaththinuLLE uLan

Word by Word Meanings

ini – now
avan – that supreme being
mAyan – amazing entity who is difficult to be known
ena – like this
uraippar Elum – even if they (people) say
ini – now
avan – that emperumAn
kANbu ariyan Elum – difficult to see and enjoy
kaLLaththAl – with deceit

(going to mahAbali)
maN koNdu – obtaining earth as a gift
viN kadandha pai kazhalAn avan – that emperumAn who has expansive divine feet with which he occupied sky and all the outer worlds
ini – now
uLLaththin uLLE uLan – is dwelling firmly inside my heart (not knowing other places) (this great benefit is enough for me)


ini avan mAyan ena uraipparElumemperumAn is easy to attain, say authentic texts. Even if the worldly people say that he is difficult to attain… Even if they say that he is an amazing entity…. Just as he has mentioned in SrI bhagavath gIthA 7-13mama mAyA dhurathyayA” (it is difficult to crossover my primordial matter), even if he is difficult to be seen….

iniyavan kANbariyanElum – even if he, who has unlimited sweetness, is difficult to be approached and seen… If we break the first word as ini avan, the meaning will change to – now if he is difficult to be seen or if he is difficult to be seen at the end of the birth…

iniyavan kaLLaththAl maNkoNdu – coming to earth in the form of vAmana (dwarf), hiding his original form so that none will know that he is the supreme being, and seizing the earth. One who obtained the worlds which are his possessions, from mahAbali, with a sweet form and measured them….

viN kadandha paingazhalAn – one who has expansive divine feet with which he brought all the worlds even beyond the sky, under him (alternatively, for the term paingazhalAn we can construe the meaning as one who has beautiful divine feet).

ini uLLaththin uLLe uLan – he has now taken residence in my heart. This body will remain until the ordained life span for the birth taken already remains. After that, let him (emperumAn) do whatever he wants. Can whatever I have got now (his staying inside my heart) be negated? Even though he came on his own, that he cannot be estimated has become established.

Let us take up the 84th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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