mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 82 – uNaril uNarvariyan

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AzhwAr asks if there is any advantage by getting angry with the heart. He asks if there is any way by which we can approach and know about emperumAn who cannot be known by anyone and who has unlimited sweetness.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

uNaril uNarvariyan uLLam pugundhu
puNarilum kANbariyan uNmai iNaraNaiyak
kongaNaindhu vaNdaRaiyum thaNduzhAykkOmAnai
engaNaindhu kANdum ini

Word by Word Meanings

uNaril – if we try to know (about emperumAn, on our own)
uNarvariyan – he cannot be known

(If he on his own)
uLLam pugundhu puNarilum – comes into the heart and embraces
uNmai kAnbu ariyan – difficult to know ’as he is’
ini – when things are like this
iNan aNaiya – such that bunches of flowers to be lowered
kongu – in honey
vaNdu – beetles
aNaindhu – approaching and entering (and drinking honey)
aRaiyum – humming
thaN – cool
thuzhAy – one who is donning the thuLasi garland
kOmAnai – that supreme being
ini – in this state
engu – in which place
aNaindhu – approaching
kANdum – will be able to see?


uNaril uNarvariyan – in the first place it is better not to enter in matters related to emperumAn. In other words, instead of getting in to know about him and then stepping aside realising that he cannot be known, it is better not to attempt to know about him. emperumAn will remain very difficult to know for those who attempt to know about him on their own. He cannot know about himself. nammAzhwAr too has mercifully stated in thiruvAimozhi 8-4-6 “thanakkum than thanmai aRivariyAnai ” (he cannot know about his qualities himself)! How can we know about such emperumAn?

uLLam pugundhu puNarilum kANbariyan uNmai – in order to put an end to this eminence, if he mingles with our heart on his own so that there will be no shortcoming in knowing about him, even then he cannot be known “as he is” and cannot be estimated. His true qualities cannot be known.

kANbariyan uNmai – one can wonder at his eminence, but he cannot be estimated.

iNar …. – this says that even if he cannot be known, he cannot be left out. The chEthana, even if he wants to know, cannot know about emperumAn. Even if emperumAn comes on his own and shows himself up, he cannot be known. In that case should one lose him and forget everything? His sweetness and his being the lord of all will not allow that (losing him) to happen.

iNar aNaiyak kongaNaindhu vaNdaRaiyum thaN thuzhAyk kOmAnai – emperumAn who dons thuLasi garland which will get lowered when beetles approach the flowers and drink in honey, humming with the resultant happiness ……

engaNaindhu kANdum ini – where will I approach him and see him? He cannot be seen by trying to know about him in the method of the worldly people by making attempts on their own; he cannot be seen by following the method of those who believe in SAsthras in which he comes on his own and shows himself up. In such a case, is there anything called seeing him? It is not possible not to approach him and it is not possible to approach him either.

Let us take up the 83rd pAsuram next.

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