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AzhwAr again speaks about the activities of SrI rAma. In the previous pAsuram, had he not mentioned “kalangAp perunagaram kAttuvAn”! When asked whether emperumAn gives paramapadham only to those who desire it, he says that it is emperumAn himself who creates that desire also.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

eydhAn marAmaram EzhumirAmanAy
eydhAn ammAn maRIyai EndhizhaikkAy eydhadhuvum
thennilagaik kOn vIzhach chenRu kuRaL uruvAy
munnilam kaikkoNdAn muyanRu

Word by Word Meanings

irAmanAy – incarnating as SrI rAma
marAmaram Ezhum – the seven ebony trees
eydhAn – he pierced with his arrow
Endhu izhaikkAy – for the sake of sIthAppirAtti who had decorated with ornaments
am mAn maRiyai – aiming at the fawn (actually the demon mArIcha who had come in the form of a fawn)
eydhAn – he shot it with his arrow effortlessly
eydhadhuvum – shooting his arrows well
then ilangai kOn vIzha – to kill rAvaNa, the king of southern lankA
mun – at an earlier point of time
kuRaL uruvAy – in the form of vAmana (dwarf)
senRu – going to mahAbali
muyanRu – making efforts (such as manifesting his divine form, speaking gibberish, measuring the world etc)
nilam kaik koNdAn – he captured earth


eydhAn marAmaram Ezhum irAmanAy – in order to convince his follower sugrIva who had asked  him to pierce one ebony tree to prove that he has the capability to kill vAli (sugrIva’s elder brother), SrI rAma pierced seven ebony trees with a single arrow. It is implied that when he creates desire in those who are ill-disposed towards him, he will do so just as he does in the case of those who are well disposed towards him.

eydhAn ammAn maRiya EndhizhaikkAy – not willing to go against the word of sIthApiirAtti, he shot and killed that deer such that the demon mArIcha who had come in the form of deer fell, rolling on the ground [in agony]. If the text is taken as maRiyai which means a fawn, he killed it without considering it that it is a fawn, since sIthAppirAtti had desired it.

EndhizhaikkAy – sIthAppirAtti’s beauty bewildered SrI rAma too, who has said in SrI rAmAyaNam AraNya kANdam 64-78 “purEva mE chAru thadhImaninthithAm”(sIthA who is the princess of mithilA, who has beautiful row of teeth and who is faultless). It is implied here that by going after the deer, he nurtured the desire of sIthA.

eydhadhuvum then ilangai kOn vIzha – he killed rAvaNa, the king of lankA which is in the southern direction, by shooting arrow. By displaying his valour, he made people, who were not engaged with him on seeing his physical beauty, to be engaged with him.

senRu kuRaL uruvAy mun nilam kaik koNdAn – at an earlier point of time, in the form of vAmana (dwarf) he took efforts to get back earth, by accepting it as alms.

mun nilam kaik koNdAn muyanRu – he captured all the worlds by taking efforts.

muyanRu – this describes the incongruent words that he had spoken as vAmana when he told mahAbali “koLvannAn mAvali mUvadi thA” (I will accept, mahAbali; give me three steps) which are disconnected like a child speaking gibberish. This implies that he attracted mahAbali’s attention and received alms.

We will take up the 53rd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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