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In the previous pAsuram how AzhwAr’s mind gravitated had towards emperumAn was mentioned. In this pAsuram, it is mentioned that emperumAn remains ignorant of others, except AzhwAr.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

manaththuLLAn mAkadal nIruLLan malarAL
thanaththuLLAn thanduzhAy mArvan sinaththuch
cherunarugach cheRRugandha thEngOdhavaNNan
varunaragam thIrkkum marundhu

Word by Word Meanings

mA kadal nIr uLLAn – one who is resting on the huge thiruppARkadal (milky ocean)
malarAL thanaththu uLLAn – one who is on the bosom of pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi)
thaN thuzhAy mArban – one who is donning the cool, thuLasi garland on his chest
serunar – enemies
uga – to be destroyed
sinaththu – through his anger
seRRu – destroying
ugandha – one who was happy
thEngu Odham vaNNan – with the complexion of a full ocean
varu naragam thIrkkum marundhu – sarvESvaran is like the medicine which will cure the disease of the unavoidable samsAram (life in the materialistic realm)
uLLAn – he is living in my heart


manaththu uLLAn – the most desired place for emperumAn is AzhwAr’s mind. He made AzhwAr’s mind as his mattress and entered it.

mA kadal nIr uLLAn – this is the place he prepared himself in order to enter AzhwAr’s mind. He reclined in thiruppARkadal in order to protect his followers.

malarAL thanaththu uLLAn – just as he made thiruppARkadal as his resting place, he also considered pirAtti’s bosom as his resting place. Is he not as mentioned in thiruppAvai 20nappinnai kongai mEl vaiththuk kidandha malar mArban” (one who rested on the bosom of nappinnai (nILA dhEvi))! It is nappinnai who helps him to go back to periya pirAtti. We can also consider the verse malarAL thanaththuLLAn to indicate his wealth. From all these it is considered that what periyAzhwAr said in his periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 5-2-10 is apt “aravaththamiLiyinOdum azhagiya pARkadalOdum aravindhappAvaiyum thAnum agampadi vandhu pugundhu ” (emperumAn entered AzhwAr’s heart with his serpent mattress, the milky ocean and his consort).

malarAL thanaththuLLAn – the place where his lifeline is located is pirAtti’s bosom.

thaNduzhAy mArvan – the place where pirAtti’s lifeline is located is emperumAn’s chest. What emperumAn carries out in her bosom, pirAtti carries out with his garland on the divine shoulder. He has such garland on his divine shoulder.

sinaththuch cherunar ugach cheRRu – with his anger, annihilating his enemies; alternatively, we can add the anger to his enemies and consider this verse to mean that he destroys his enemies who are angry. Destroying his enemies like this is an activity to make pirAtti happy. As mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam AraNya kANdam 30-39 “tham dhrushtvA SathruhanthAram maharshINAm sukhAvaham babhUva hrushtA vaidhEhi bharthAram parishasvajE ” (after seeing SrI rAma who destroyed the enemies and made the great sages happy, sithAp pirAtti realised that she existed; she was very happy and she embraced her husband well), did not sIthA become happy after knowing that the enemies of great sages have been destroyed and embrace her husband!

ugandha – emperumAn was happy that he had destroyed the enemies of his followers.

thEngOdha vaNNan – he has the complexion of the deep ocean. Thus, he has the form which removes his followers’ fatigue. This beauty came about due to his destroying the enemies.

varunaragam – Just as it is mentioned in brahmavaivartham, prakruthi kANdam 26-70 “avaSyamanubhOkthavyam krutham karma SubASubham” (one has to necessarily experience the results of one’s pApa (sinful deeds) and puNya (virtuous deeds)), it is the unavoidable life in this materialistic realm which is termed as naragam (hell).

thIrkkum marundhu – he is the medicine for crossing over this hell which is impossible to cross (otherwise). It is emperumAn’s characteristic to be the vaidhya (physician). Just as one says that such and such person is dark complexioned [his characteristic]. Isn’t our mind the reason for such an entity to enter our mind! Has it not been mentioned in SrI bhagavath gIthA 6-5Athmaiva AthmanO bandhu: Athmaivai ripurAthmana:” (mind is AthmA’s friend; mind is AthmA’s enemy)! He is inside the mind to remove the impending hell. He entered the mind to sever the connection with samsAram.

We shall move on to the 4th pAsuram.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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