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AzhwAr tells his heart “let the people of this world do whatever they want. You think about the wonderful activities of emperumAn and be happy”. Let the others do anything. You think about this entity, have faith in emperumAn and do what is needed to be done, tells AzhwAr.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

siRiyAr perumai siRidhin kaN eydhum
aRiyArum thAm aRiyAr AvAr aRiyAmai
maN koNdu maN uNdu maN umizhndha mAyan enRu
eN koNdu en nenjE iru

Word by Word Meaning

siRiyAr – (without any greatness in them, by nature) lowly samsAris (dwellers of this materialistic realm
perumai – greatness (coming out of ego thinking that there is none their equal )
siRidhin kaN eydhum – will take them towards lowliness only (repeatedly)
aRiyArum – people who cannot discriminate between good and bad (though they think that they are omniscient)
thAm aRiyAr AvAr – they will become more and more ignorant
en nenjE – Oh my heart!
aRiyAmai – unknown to others
maN koNdu – obtaining earth (from mahAbali)
maN uNdu – (during deluge) keeping that earth inside his divine stomach
maN umizhndha – (later) spitting out that earth
mAyan enRu – emperumAn who is an amazing entity
eN koNdu – thinking constantly
iru – be without fear (that for us who have attained him, there is no shortcoming)


siRiyAr perumai siRidhin kaN eydhum – for lowly people, even if they think that they are great persons, that thought too will end up as lowly only.

aRiyArum thAm aRiyAr AvAr – while they remain ignorant, even if they think that they know everything, it will take them only to their earlier state of ignorance.

aRiyArum thAm aRiyAr AvAr – we do not have to establish that they are ignorant. They would themselves, with this act, establish that.

aRiyAmai maN koNdu maN uNdu maN umizhndha mAyan enRu – Let the ignorant people go their ways. We shall go behind the people with knowledge [about emperumAn], says AzhwAr. We shall go in the path mentioned in periya thirumozhi 7-4-4 “pErALan pEr Odhum periyOrai oru kAlum pirigilEn ” (I will never separate from the great people who keep reciting the divine names of emperumAn). In other words, with the grace of emperumAn, we shall know about him and only with his grace, attain him.

aRiyAmai – The supreme being, emperumAn, came in the form of a dwarf, without anyone knowing about it, to beg for alms.

maN koNdu – measuring the earth

man uNdu – keeping the earth in his divine earth during the time of deluge and protecting it.

man umizhndhu – later on, spitting that earth. These activities are examples for emperumAn giving himself to his devotees and protecting us from the deluge called samsAram (materialistic realm). Hasn’t thiruvAimozhi celebrated these two events together in 1-10-5uNdAnai ulagEzhum Or mUvadi koNdAnai” (one who swallowed the worlds (during deluge) and who measured them with three steps)!

mAyan – one cannot see the boundary for not only these activities, but also for his activities in protecting his followers. He has such amazing power!

eN koNdu – thinking of him continuously. Alternatively, focussing only on attaining him.

en nenjE iru – Just as arjuna was, after hearing from kaNNapirAn (krishNa) as mentioned in SrI bhagavath gIthA 18-66 “mA sucha:” (be without any worry), AzhwAr tells his heart not to feel sad. Hasn’t it been divinely mentioned in thiruchchandha viruththam 115 “eththinAL idarkkadal kidaththi Ezhai nenjamE” (Oh my poor heart! Why do are you lie submerged in the ocean of sorrow?)! We have to worry only if we have to protect ourselves with our power or if we are not aware of emperumAn’s power. Since we are not like that, we do not have to worry.

We shall move on to the 37th pAsuram next.

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