mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 65 -vinaiyAl adarppadAr

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AzhwAr says in this pAsuram that such a position [of not going after worldly pursuits] is applicable not only to him but to everyone who is his follower.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

vinaiyAL adarppadAr vennaragil sErAr
thinaiyEnum thIkkadhikkaN sellAr ninaithaR
kariyAnaich chEyAnai Ayiram pEr sengat
kariyAnaik kai thozhudhakkAl

Word by Word Meanings

ninaidhaRku ariyAnai – one who would not know (of his own effort)
sEyAnai – one who is far away
Ayiram pEr sem kaN kariyAnai – emperumAn who has a thousand divine names, has reddish, divine eyes and who has a dark divine form
kai thozhudhakkAl – if worshipped with hands
vinaiyAl adarppadAr – will not be troubled by bad deeds
vem naragil sErAr – will not go to the horrible hell
thinaiyEnum – even to a small extent [almost zero probability]
thIkkadhikkaN sellAr – will not go astray


vinaiyAl adarppadAr – they [persons who are devoted to emperumAn] will not be troubled by deeds such as pApa (sin) or puNya (virtue)

vennaragail sErAr – for the sins committed, they will not be born in this materialistic realm. Alternatively, one can construe that vinaiyAl adarppadAr would mean that the persons will not suffer in this world and vennaragil sErAr would mean that the persons will not suffer in hell.

thinaiyEnum thIkkadhikkan sellAr – they will not go astray. dharmaputhra [eldest among the five pANdavas] had to step into hell for a few minutes because he did not believe krishNa who had asked him to tell a lie, in order to kill dhrONa, that aSvaththAma is dead and instead said that an elephant by name aSvaththAma died. Even that result will not come to these people, says AzhwAr.

When asked as to by doing what all these would happen, AzhwAr says

ninaidhaRku ariyAnai – one who is difficult to even think of, for those who want to know him through their own efforts.

sEyAnai – when asked why he is difficult to think of, AzhwAr says that it is so because he is at a very far distance from such people.

If he cannot be approached should one lose him? AzhwAr says

Ayiram pEr sengaN kariyAnaik kai thozhudhak kAl – for those who are able to enjoy emperumAn with the knowledge that he had granted them. emperumAn is like a river which has ghats at every place where one steps in to take a bath [this means that the river is not too deep in those places and one can enjoy a bath on such places]. Those who can enjoy emperumAn who has thousands of divine names for his auspicious qualities and deeds, who has reddish eyes due to deep affection for his followers and who has the form which, like an ocean, can remove the sorrows of those who are able to see him, will not be troubled by bad deeds; will not attain hell; will not go astray. Just as a disease is rid of by consuming milk, all the sins will disappear by carrying the sweet action of worshipping emperumAn.

We shall take up the 66th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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