mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 51 – eLidhil iraNdadiyum

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In this pAsuram, AzhwAr says if we are devoted to emperumAn, he will destroy our enemies and show himself to us just as he destroyed prahalAdha’s enemy hiraNyan and showed himself to prahalAdha.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

eLidhil iraNdadiyum kANbadhaRku ennuLLam
theLiyath theLindhozhiyum sevvE kaLiyil
porundhAdhavanaip poraluRRu ariyAy
irundhAn thirunAmam eN

Word by Word Meanings

en uLLam – Oh my heart!
eLidhil – easily
iraNdu adiyum – both divine feet
kANbadhaRku – appropriate to worship
theLiya – if (you) attain clarity
sevvE theLindhu ozhiyum – (he also) will become very clear [and happy]
kaLiyil – due to vanity
porundhAdhavanai – one who doesn’t come to him
poral uRRu – being intent on waging war
ariyAy – as narasimhan (face of lion and body of human)
irundhAn – one who incarnated
thirunAmam – beautiful divine names
eN – keep meditating


eLidhil iraNdu adiyum kANbadhaRku – the word eLidhil can be interpreted in two ways – (1) not  simple and (2) easy. If it is taken to mean that it is not simple, the meaning for this phrase would be “to see the two divine feet which are very exalted”. If it is taken to mean easy it would mean “to see the divine feet of emperumAn without any effort”

ennuLLam theLiya – Oh my heart! If you leave aside your devotion to worldly pursuits and get clarity [that he is the one to be devoted to] emperumAn will be happy. He will be happy, without being angry at the sins that we have been committing since time immemorial, which had prevented us from seeing him. He will not see our faults if you stop indulging in worldly pursuits.

sevvE theLindhu ozhiyumemperumAn will become very clear. Instead of doing something superficially, he will also become wholeheartedly very clear. Earlier, looking at the countless sins that I was committing, he was very disturbed. Now, after I become clear in my mind and approach him, he will also become very clear and happy.

AzhwAr recounts an incident that happened earlier when his devotee recited his divine name and he went to his help.

kaLiyil porundhAdhavanaip poraluRRu – engaging in fight with hiranya kashyap who was not amicable with emperumAn. hiraNyan, owing to his boons and his strength, became very vain and said that he will not bow down to anyone. A person who says that he himself is God cannot be amicable with emperumAn, can he! Hence, in order to do good to him, emperumAn destroys his physical body.

ariyAy irundhAn thirunAmam eN – since emperumAn was in the form of narasimhan to remove the sadness of his devotee, meditate on the divine names of this form. Another interpretation – he was lazing since there were no more enemies, who would become fodder to his anger, to destroy. What we need to do is to meditate on emperumAn’s divine names, just as his child-devotee prahlAdha did. If we did that, emperumAn will himself protect us, instead of driving us to other deities. Oh Heart! Don’t you know the difficulties that hiraNyan had to endure because he did not meditate on emperumAn’s divine names! AzhwAr says, meditate on his divine names and gain the result that prahlAdha gained instead of suffering like hiraNyan,

We shall take up the 52nd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa ramanuja dhAsan

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