mudhal thiruvandhAdhi – 34 – ennoruvar meyyenbar

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AzhwAr says that yaSodhAppirAtti is the only one who enjoyed emperumAn fully, being fully devoted to him. It appears that she got him without even thinking about him in her mind! This is indeed a wonder! Or else, we can say that AzhwAr is saying, how to say that this is the truth.

Let us enjoy the pAsuram and its meanings:

ennoruvar meyyenbar EzhulaguNdu Alilaiyil
munnorovanAya mugil vaNNA nin urugip
pEyththAy mulai thandhAL pEndhilalAL pEramarkkaN
AyththAy mulai thandhavARu

Word by Word Meanings

Ezhu ulagu uNdu –  keeping all the worlds in his stomach [during deluge]
Ala ilaiyil – on a banyan leaf
mun – once upon a time
oruvanAya – sleeping without a companion
mugil vaNNA – having the complexion of cloud
mulai thandhAL – the one who suckled you
pEyth thAy – demon pUthanA, who came in the form of your mother
pErndhilaL Al – was immobile, having died
pEr amar kaN – having eyes which appear to be fighting with each other
Ayth thAy – yaSOdhA, your cowherd mother
nin urugi – with boundless love towards you
mulai thandha ARu – the way she suckled you
oruvar – the incomparable sages
mey enbar – will say it is true
en – how is (this) possible?


oruvar mey enbar – the incomparable great sages say that this is true. Sages such as vyAsa, parASara et al who know this fully, say that there is no flattery in this, and that it is fully true.

Ezhu ulagu uNdu Alilaiyil mun oruvanAya mugil vaNNA – At the time of deluge, you swallowed all the seven worlds and kept them in your stomach. At that time, when there was no mother such as yaSOdhA to shower her affection on you, you were lying on a banyan leaf, with the form of a cloud that would remove sorrows. One can reason out the deeds of your devotees only if it is possible to reason out your deeds!

nin urugi – having affection towards you such that the sorrow that happened on that day is removed

pEyth thAy mulai thandhAL pErndhilaL Al – the demon pUthanA who came in the form of your mother, having suckled you, could not leave; she died there itself. In the same place where pUthanA was lying as a corpse…

pEr amark kaN – in the same battle field [the place where pUthanA lay as a corpse appeared like a battlefield]; in the same rattling place. Didn’t she come to create a danger for the entity who protects the worlds when they are in danger and removes the danger, and ended up in danger to herself? At that same time, your cowherd mother yaSOdhA, despite seeing that pUthanA who had come to suckle you is dead, without any fear, out of great affection for you, suckled you. What an incident is this! Those who know this fully, say that this is true. AzhwAr wonders, how great is the motherhood of yaSOdhA and her deep affection, unlike pUthanA who came in the guise of a mother! The affection that yaSOdhA had for emperumAn, the supreme being, who ate all the worlds and lay down on a banyan leaf and who killed the demon pUthanA even as an infant and carried out such difficult to perform tasks, is indeed the real affection, says the AzhwAr.

We shall consider the 35th pAsuram next.

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