Arththi Prabandham – 53

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:


In the previous pAsuram, mAmunigaL described how periya perumAL would come unto him during his final moments of leaving his mortal coil in this world. He said that periya perumAL would in fact come on HIS transport viz periya thiruvadi. This raises the questions “OK. What will mAmunigaL do in the mean time until his final moments come where periya perumaL would be present?”. mAmunigaL says “for that ultimate moment to happen, this body of mine, that is the source of all sins and subsequent sufferings in this world, has to fall. I cannot forever be suffering the pains caused by the sins which is in turn triggered by the very existence of this physical body. So, hey SrI rAmAnuja!!!, You give me what is needed and best. You should liberate me from this world that is so filled with troubles and pain”.

pAsuram 53

idhaththAlE thennarangar seygiRadhu enRaRindhE
irundhAlum thaRkAla vEdhanaiyin kanaththAl
padhaiththu AvO ennum indhap pAva udambudanE
pala nOvum anubaviththu ippavaththu irukkappOmO?
madhaththAlE valvinaiyin vazhi uzhanRu thirindha
valvinaiyEn thannai unakku ALAkkik koNda
idhath thAyum thandhaiyumAm ethirAsA! Ennai
inik kaduga ippavaththininRum eduththaruLE!!!

Word-by-Word Meanings

idhaththAlE – Because of “hitham” (quality of always thinking and doing that which is good towards a person)
thennarangar – periya perumAL (SrI ranganAthan)
seygiRadhu enRaRindhE irundhAlum – out of his mercy, is letting me suffer the wrath of my karma. Though I know that HE is doing this for my good,
thaRkAla vEdhanaiyin kanaththAl – the sufferings that I had to undergo at that point in time (momentary pain), makes me
padhaiththu – writhed with pain and
AvO ennum – utter exclamations like “hA”, “Oh” that are clearly representative sounds of sufferings and pain.
irukkappOmO? – will I be able to live
ippavaththu – in this samsAram (mundane world)?
indhap pAva udambudanE – with this body that is a sin by itself
pala nOvum anubaviththu – and continue to suffer a multitude of sufferings?
madhaththAlE – Due to the association with this body
valvinaiyin vazhi uzhanRu thirindha – (I have) wandered in the path set by my karmAs and continued that endless journey.
valvinaiyEn thannai – Me, the most cruel sinner of all
ALAkkik koNda – was made your servant by you (emperumAnAr)
unakku – who is the base for all souls.
idhath thAyum – (You did this as) my mother who does “hitham” and also as my
thandhaiyumAm – father.
ethirAsA! – hey! emperumAnArE!!!
ini – here after
kaduga – quickly
eduththaruLE – uplift and liberate
ennai – me
ippavaththininRum – from this samsAram

Simple Meanings

mAmunigaL continues to plead to SrI rAmAnuja to get him liberated. He realizes that his sufferings are because periya perumAL, out of his good nature, wants the effects of his karma to be finished and so is letting him suffer. mAmunigaL says that though he is able to understand why periya perumAL is doing that, he says at the time of suffering the wrath of karma, it is unbearable. It is because of his association with the body that he is into this endless journey filled with thorns of pain. Hence, he requests SrI rAmAnuja, who is his  mother as well as the father, to get him liberated from this sinful world as quickly as possible.


mAmunigaL says – As mentioned in the pAsuram “ArapperunthuyarE seydhidinum (gyAna sAram 21)” and similar pAsurams, I do understand that it is because of HIS “hitham” (the quality of always thinking and doing only what is good towards a person), and his blessing that I am suffering a lot (that is because the karmas need to be gone somehow and so one has to undergo the suffering). Even though I realize this and understand it, when it comes to that time of suffering, it pains me a lot. It pains me so much that I exclaim words like “hA” and “Oh” that clearly shows how frustrating it is. I am uttering these words with this body that is the verily the source of all sins. I am suffering like this in this world for a long time. Is it appropriate for me to be like this forever? As thirumangai AzhvAr says “pAvamE seydhu pAvi AnEn (periya thirumozhi 1.9.9)”, I am committing nothing but sins. I am doing that because of my association with this body. I am being pulled into the path in which my body pulls, which unfortunately is filled with sins. As a result, I am reaping the effects of my incessant sins and am writhing each and every moment of this journey. However emperumAnArE!!! You my father and mother who does things for me for my overall betterment out of your “hitham” quality, you have blessed me and approved me. Hence, I request you to uplift me from my incessant sufferings and get me liberated from the shackles of this samsAram.

adiyEn santhAnam ramanuja dasan

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