Arththi prabandham – 52

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mAmunigaL said that he had the opportunity to repent for his wasted/lost time hitherto. This was possible only due to the blessings showered on him by SrI rAmAnuja out of his infinite mercy. Subsequently, in this pAsuram, mAmunigaL celebrates the manner in which periya perumaL would come unto him, for SrI rAmAnuja’s sake. He describes how he would come to him as revealed in the phrase “SrImAn samArUdapadhangarAja:”.

pAsuram 52

kanaka giri mEl kariya mugil pOl
vinadhai siRuvan mERkoNdu
thanuvidum pOdhu ErAr arangar ethirAsarkkAga enpAl
vArA munniRppar magzhindhu

Word-by-Word Meanings

kariya mugil pOl – Just like the clouds that hover over the
kanaka giri mEl – top of a golden mountain called “mEru”,
arangar – periya perumAL
siRuvan – will come on top of the one who is known as “vainathEyan” and “periya thiruvadi” and is the son of
vinadhai – a lady called “vinathA”.
mERkoNdu – periya perumAL will come riding on top of vinadhai siRuvan as the latter is HIS transport.
thanuvidum pOdhu – When my body would eventually fall
arangar – periya perumAL who is
Ar – replete with
Er – beauty etc
enpAl vArA – will came to the place where I will be
ethirAsarkkAga – for the sake of yathirAja.
(Just like how a mother shows up)
munniRppar – HE will stand in front of me
magizhndhu – with much happiness
(periya perumAL will show up and show his face and smile and will enjoy me. This is certain).

Simple Translation

In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL celebrates the manner in which periya perumAL will come during his last moments. mAmunigaL says that HE will come on top of his transport, also known as “vinadhai siRuvan”, “periya thiruvadi” etc. HE will come to the place where I will be and show HIS beautiful smiling face. HE will do all these for the sake of emperumAnAr.


mAmunigaL says, “As per the phrases in ‘kAnchanaspa girES SrunghE sagatiththO yadhOyadhA‘ and “manjuyar ponmalai mEl ezhundha mAmugil pOnRuLar (periya thirumozhi 9.2.8)”, there are black hued rain bearing clouds that hover over the great golden mountain of “mEru”. Similarly, when I leave my mortal coils in this earth, periya perumAL will come atop garudan as described in “perum pavvam maNdiyuNda peru vayiRRa karu mugil (thirunedunthAndakam 24). garudan is also known as “periya thiruvadi” or “vinadhai siRuvan” for he is the son of  “vinathA”. At the time of me leaving this body, periya perumAL will come, similar to how a mother would come. HE who is replete with all genres of beauty, will come to the place where I will be at that time. HE will come gleefully for emperumAnAr’s sake. HE will show his smiling face to me. This is certain.

adiyEn santhAnam ramanuja dasan

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