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ALavandhAr says “Is it only because of my ananya gathithva (lack of any other refuge) which makes me never leave you? My mind which is drowned in your enjoyable nature, will not seek anything else”.

thavAmruthasyandhini pAdhapankajE
nivESidhAthmA gathamanyadhichchathi? |
sthith’ravindhE makarandhanirbharE
madhuvrathO nEkshurakam hi vIkshathE ||

Word by word meaning

amruthasyandhini – generating abundance of nectar
thava pAdha pankajE – at your divine lotus foot
nivESitha AthmA – my mind which is placed (by your grace)
anyath – anything else
katham – how
ichchthi – will desire?
makarantha nirbharE – filled with honey
aravindhE – reddish lotus flower
sthithE sathi – when present
madhuvratha: – bee
ikshurakam – grass flower
na vIkshathE hi – will not even see!

Simple Translation

How will my mind which is placed (by your grace) at your divine lotus foot generating abundance of nectar, desire for anything else? When reddish lotus flower filled with honey is present, will a bee even see a grass flower?

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • thavAmruthasyandhini pAdha pankajE – At the divine feet of your highness, which are apt and enjoyable. The enjoyability of his divine feet is well established through Sruthi (vEdha vAkyams) as in yajur vEdham 2.4.6 [and vishNu sUktham] “vishNO: padhE paramE madhva uthsa:” (from the supreme feet of vishNu, nectar originates and flows), thaiththirIya upanishath “rasOvai sa:” (bhagavAn is embodiment of taste) and thiruvAimozhi 1.5.5 “thEnE malarum thiruppAdham” (divine feet which is the source of honey).
  • nivESidhAthmA – my mind which is attached to your divine feet by the unconditional grace of your highness. When this mind which was engaged in tasteless and inapt objects, to engage fully at your lotus feet which is enjoyed by the nithyasUris (eternally free souls of paramapadham), would it not need your mercy to do so?
  • katham anyath ichchathi – As said in SrI bhagavath gIthA 7.1mayyAsaktha manA: pArtha!” (Oh son of kunthI! having your mind fully attached to me), the mind which is attached to the divine feet of your highness, how could it show attachment to anything else? After knowing your distinguished nature, how will this mind which is the entry to consciousness, desire for anything else?
  • aravindhE makarantha nirbharE sthithE sthithi – When reddish lotus flower, which is very soft, and filled with honey, is waiting to be enjoyed by enjoyers.
  • madhu vratha: – A creature which sustains by nectar/honey only; also explained as – a creature which has the vow to drink honey from where it is available in abundance.
  • ikshurakam na vIkshathE – For a (muLLip pU) grass flower which is difficult to acquire and even if acquired, it would not have much honey in it. Not only one will not search for such flower, but would not even take a look at them if they are presented [due to their inferior nature].
  • hi – [surprise] Do I have to explain this to your highness? This is already well known. Would one not be as said in perumAL thirumozhi 5.5 “engup pOy uygEn un iNai adiyE adaiyan allAl” (where will go and find a refuge, if your divine feet are not present).

In the next article we will enjoy the next SlOkam.

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