Arththi prabandham – 33

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pAsuram 33

innam eththanai kAlam indha udambudan yAn iruppan
innapozhudhu udambu vidum innapadi adhuthAn
innavidaththE adhuvum ennum ivaiyellAm
ethirAsA! nI aRidhi yAn ivai onRaRiyEn
ennai ini ivvudambai viduviththu un aruLAl
ErArum vaikundhaththERRa ninaivu uNdEl
pinnai viraiyAmAl maRandhu irukkiRadhen? pEsAy
pEdhaimai thIrndhu ennai adimai koNda perumAnE !!!

Word-by-Word Meaning

eththanai kAlam – how long
innam – from now
yAn iruppan – will I be, without any association
indha udambudan – inside this derisive body?
ethirAsA! – emperumAnArE!!!
nI aRidhi – you know
innapozhudhu udambu vidum  – when the body would fall at which particular time and
innapadi adhuthAn – in which particular manner and
innavidaththE adhuvum – at which particular place
ennum ivaiyellAm – (all these aforementioned things) you know for sure.
yAn – ignorant me
ivai onRaRiyEn – does not know an iota of these.
pEdhaimai thIrndhu – So, please remove my ignorance!!!
adimai koNda perumAnE!!! – The one who ruled over
ennai – me, who lives without any connection to this mortal coil (given to me in this birth)..
ini un aruLAl – From now on onwards, bless me (so that with your blessings)
ivvudambai viduviththu – the body is discarded and
vaikundhaththERRa – ascend to paramapdham
ErArum – which is a place that is exquisitely ornate and complete in beauty.
ninaivu uNdEl – (emperumAnArE!!!) if you have the desire to do so,
pinnai – then
pEsAy – please tell me
maRandhu irukkiRadhen? – What are you contemplating and why is the delay?
virayAmAl – and why are you not expediting it?

 Simple Translation

In this pAsuram, maNavALa mAmunigaL questions emperumAnAr as to what is the reason for his delay in liberating his soul and making him ascend to paramapadham. There is no shortage of compassion on emperumAnAr’s part and mAmunigaL is ready to leave his body at any time. Yet it does not happen and that makes mAmunigaL curious. The curiosity is reflected in the form of a question in this pAsuram.


maNavALa mAmunigaL says “emperumAnArE! my svAmi! I was without the knowledge of your association earlier. You removed this void and made me realize my true self. You made me realize that I am a servant as mentioned in the phrase “vinaiyEn unakkadimaiyaRakkoNdAy (thiruvAimozhi 4.9.6)”. As a part of realizing my servitude towards you, you made me live by it and realize the significance of it. You are my svAmi indeed!!! I have a question for you. How much more do you plan to keep my soul in this derisive body? How long should I stay inside this body without any kind of true connection to it? You do know when this body will fall, you do know where it will fall and how it will.  You know everything. I am completely oblivious of any of these. I do not know an iota of these”.

mAmunigal continues, “my svAmi! I (my soul) is inside this body without any kind of liking or attachment. If you wish to liberate the soul from the body and make the soul ascend to the beautiful paramapadham, why are you delaying in doing so? Why are you not speeding the process as they say in the phrase “viNNulagam tharuvAnAy viraiginRAn (thiruvAimozhi 10.6.3)”? Please let me know the reason for the delay. There is no question about your infinite mercy. There is no reason on my part that prevents liberation. Then what is it that prevents you?”. There is yet another recitation way when it comes to the penultimate line, “maRandhu irukkiRadhen? pEsAy”. They also say “amarndhirukkiradhen pEsAy”.

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