uththara dhinacharyA – 4 and 5

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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tata: kanaka paryanke taruna dhyumani dhyutau |
visaala vimala slakshna tunga dhoolaasana ujjwale ||

samagra saurabha utkaara nirantara dhigantare |
sopadhaane sukha aaseenam sukumaare vara aasane ||

Word to Word meaning

tata=after that
taruna dhyumani dhyutau= with lusture like the morning sun
visaala vimala slakshna tunga dhoolaasana ujjwale=broad, spotless, smooth, and thick with cotton mattresses
samagra saurabha utkaara nirantara dhigantare=full of flowers offered to Perumal and with theie r pleasant aroma in all four directions
sopadhaane=with pillows to lean on
kanaka paryanke=bed of gold
sukumaare=very smooth
vara aasane=on the seat made of holy grass, deerskin and clothes
sukha aaseenam=being seated comfortably
(tam)=that Manavaala Mam
(chintayaami)=i always meditate.


In this sloka  Appa   eulogizes Mamuni who is seated in great elegance on the golden cot  always meditating on Emperumanar who is the goal of panchamopaya nishta  and who is the subject matter of all his simple, sweet erudite talks that please  his disciples and depicts here the great beauty and elegance of Mamuni seated so.  Though sanyaasis are prohibited from sitting on golden cots by the sastras, when requested by the disciples such seating is not barred.  Saints do not incur sin by eating in vessels made of gold, silver, bell metal, copper, stone etc.  If they ask for such things from their disciples, the sages are afflicted, says Medhati and here what is said for eating vessels applies to cot and using a cot not asked fr personally but used only upon the disciples prevailing is not unethical.  One can deny his own yearning for gold or silver, but can not deny when the disciples desire them to use it/ Therefore using the golden cot is not wrong for Mamuni.

Translation by vangIpuram sadagOpa rAmAnuja dAsan

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