uththara dhinacharyA – 2

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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atha ghoshteem garishtaanaam adhishtaaya sumedhasam |
vaakyaalankruti vakyanam vyaakhyaataaram namaami tam ||

Word to Word meaning

ata= after composing Yatiraja Vimsati
garishtaanaam=each in his own right capable of composing texts and holding the Acharya status
sumedhasaam=truly wise and virtuous
adhishtaaya=having attained
vaakyaalankruti vaakyaani=the sentences in Sri Vachana Bhooshanam
tam=that Mamuni
namaami=i worship


Having detailed till now the swaadhyaaya of composing a grantha, henceforth he details the other type of swaadhyaaya namely explaining the vyaakhyaanas for the great works of the earlier preceptors.   karishtha= adhyantam kuravak karishtha=the supreme teachers.  The title for them is, “sumedhasa:”   Knowing the meanings perfectly in just one hearing,  remembering the learnt concepts well, is called Medha.  Sumedhaa:=those who have excellent Medha.  Who are these Sumedha here?  Koil Kanthaadai Annan, Vanamamalai Jeeyar and other Ashta Dig Gajas.  Mamuni who was till now worshiping Sri Ramanuja in yoga by himself is now giving it up to sit in assembly with the disciples explaining the  Sei Vachana Bhooshana divya sastra. I am worshipping such a saint, says Sri Erumbiyappa.   Vachana bhooshanam=a jewelery made of rubies and diamonds is a ratnabhooshanam.  The text by Sri pillai lokacharya with very few of his own words, but mainly by the great words of the earlier saints giving illumination to the readers is Vachana bhooshanam.   As this text is of very order in style and contents, Mamuni explains it with grace, making the meaning understandable.   He explains by breaking words whose meaning is not known,  by splitting sentences and clauses so that the concepts are easy to follow,  by raising questions where doubts are likely and answering them so on so forth.  Sumedhasa: karishtha…..by saying that Mamuni explains the difficult concepts of Sri Vachana Bhooshanam hard to know even for great scholars like Koil Annan, it is indicated that the concepts of the Text are very deep and Mamuni’s medha makes it easier for us to follow the great text.

As Sri Vachana Bhooshanam contains all the essence of Vedas, smritis, itihaasas, puranas, Divya prabandhas etc explaining this one text itself will tantamount to explaining all those other ancient texts, and therefore Mamuni practiced the supreme form swaadhyaaya by explaining this unique Grantha.


Translation by vangIpuram sadagOpa rAmAnuja dAsan

Source:   http://divyaprabandham.koyil.org/index.php/2016/09/uththara-dhinacharya-tamil-2/

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