pUrva dhinacharyA – 25

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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Mangalasasanam kruthva tatra tatra yathochitham /
Dhamnas thasmath vinishkramya pravisya svam nikethanam //

(w to w meaning) tatra tatra  – In the matter of Archavatara, beginning from Andal to Paramapadanathan,  mangalasasanam  – doing mangalasasanam to wipe out any deficit and enrich goodness, yathochitham  – as liked in such matter, kruthva  – after doing, thasmath dhamnaha –  from that Sannidhi, vinishkramya –  leaving with a heavy heart, svam  nikethanam  – to his Mutt, pravisya  -entered….

(commentary)   Mamunigal visited Andal and other Sannidhis for doing mangalasasanam and not for worshipping. Hence, the word ‘mangalasasanam krutva’ is mentioned. Mamunigal did mangalasasanam especially for Emperumanar (Sri Ramanuja) and exclusively for Emperumanar’s liking he further did mangalasasanam for others. Hence there are ups and downs in it and it reminds Erumbiappa to use this word yathochitham. Although the Sastra ordained ‘anagnihi anikethaha syath’ which means that a saint should not possess a house permanently and should not perform homam, in the Sloka the words svam nikethanam pravisya means that a place called Mutt which is given by Ranganatha. He ordained him to stay permanently – this will not be considered as a mistake. The word ‘vinishkramya’ means that Mamunigal returned with heavy heart leaving others from Sriranganathan temple, with a view to perform his  other  works like Tiruvaradhanam, Grantha Kalakshepam etc. which are inevitable.

Translation by Sri U.Ve.Dr.M.Varadarajan Swami, MA, MA, PhD

Source: http://divyaprabandham.koyil.org/index.php/2015/09/purva-dhinacharya-tamil-25

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