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pAsuram 64

than Ariyanukkuth thAn adimai seyvadhu avan
innAdu thannil irukkum nAL – annEr
aRindhum adhil Asai inRi AchAriyanaip
pirindhu irupAr Ar manamE pEsu.                           64


Word by word meaning

thAn – Oneself, the disciple,
seyvadhu – shall do
adimai – services (kainkaryams)
than Ariyanukku – to one’s AchAryan
irukkum nAL – till the time
avan – that AchAryan
innAdu thannil – is present in this world;
aRindhum – even after knowing
annEr – this proper way,
Ar – who can be
Asai inRi – not having interest
adhil – in that kainkaryam
pirindhu iruppAr – and be away from
AchAriyanai – one’s AchAryan?
manamE – Oh mind!
pEsu – You find this and let me know.


He (maNavALa mAmunigaL) says that if one thinks about the help of AchAryan as explained in the previous pAsuram, there is no reason for separating from him. If one realizes the service to be done to the true goal that is AchAryan, then too there is no reason for separating from him.

than Ariyanukkuth thAn adimai seyvadhu – That is, like feeding one’s mother and taking care of her (which is natural for the child), for AchAryan who is one’s own chief, be a disciple that belongs only to him, and reach one’s goal doing kainkaryam as per one’s true nature, which is, thinking  that doing kainkaryam and worshiping him is one’s life support, nourishment, and enjoyment (thArakam, bhOshakam, bhOgyam).

avan innAdu thannil irukkum nAL – It is during this time in this earth where due to emperumAn’s wish this AchAryan has incarnated with this divine body, that one should do kainkaryams.

In paramapadham everyone would be immersed in the experience and kainkaryams to emperumAn who is the head of nithyasUris who are ‘ayarvaRum amarargaL [thiruvAimozhi – 1.1.1]’ (nithyasUris who do not forget), and would go deeper into that.

So, when one is needed to live with support of other things in this world – in such a world when AchAryan is present, when AchAryan gets the kainkaryam by way of small things, and by the faculties of one’s body.

It is said, ‘ney amar innadisil nichchal pAlodu mEveerO [thiruvAimozhi 6.8.2]’ (would you be around me and eat the porridge of ghee, and with milk everyday), and ‘kurukkaLukku anukUlarAi [periyAzhvAr thirumozhi 4.4.2]’ (be amicable to do kainkaryam to AchAryan).

If AchAryan ascends to the other world, whom will the disciple serve?

nanjeeyar said ‘ennaip pOl vAypugum sORRaip paRi kodAdhE’ [Like me, who lost the rice which was ready to enter the mouth; nanjeeyar lost his AchAryan bhattar quite early in his life].

annEr aRindhum adhil Asai inRi – Even after knowing the proper way through the words of SAsthrams, and from the advise of one’s own AchAryan, even after knowing about the current state of having the place and time that are suitable for being a servant, and of having the AchAryan – instead of getting involved in that –

adhil Asai inRi – in such a way when having the AchArya kainkaryam that is set for you – but not having interest in it, and due to that reason, who would separate from him and live?

AchAryas who have such a state where they would not live when not getting the experience of emperumAn even for a second – who among the dependents of an Acharyan would separate from AchAryan?

There may be some who separate from him when not knowing the proper way, but among those who understand the proper ways, there would not be any one who would separate from him.

Even if there are those who separate from Isvaran, it would be rare to see any knowledgeable one who separate from AchAryan.

Who would sustain themselves when separating from AchAryan who make him realize the connection with emperumAn which, one had not realized from time immemorial, who created the taste of kainkaryam and accepted his kainkaryam by keeping him with him?

Where to search for them? There is no one like that among those having intelligence.

manamE pEsu – Oh mind which would not sustain by anything other than AchArya kainkaryam!

If there are such people, you search and tell me if you can.

His (maNavALa mAmunigaL’s) divine mind is like he said in ‘ethirAsA ennALum unthanakkE AtkoL ugandhu [Arththi prabandham – 11]’ (~ Oh yathirAja! Please accept me to be for you only always). So he says that there is none that his divine mind knows who would separate from AchAryan.

pillailokacharyar-nayanar-thiruvaimozhipillai-mamunigalmaNavALa mAmunigaL, with AchAryas

This is what they divine as ‘pAdharEkAsamar pirigaiyAlE avaridaththil parivAlE thiruvuLLaththil parivu thORRa aruLichcheydhu aruLinadhu [?](due to the separation of one who is like the lines of the feet, due to love towards him he said this with such love). After that, it seems he said ‘endhai ethirAsA indhath thani iruppil enthAyanthannai ini neekkik kandhAdai aNNanaip pOl kaNkarichchal uNdAkki, vandhArenai nOkkuvAy [?]’.

So, by this pAsuram it is said that those who are subservient to their AchAryan, that is those who consider their kainkaryam to AchAryan as their life support, nourishment, and enjoyment would not separate from him.

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Translation: raghurAm SrInivAsa dhAsan

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