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pAsuram 35

AzhvArgaLaiyum aruLichcheyalgaLaiyum
thAzhvA ninaippavargaL thAm naragil – veezhvArgaL
enRu ninaiththu nenjE eppozhudum nee avar pAl
chenRu aNugak kUsith thiri.                                                           35


Word by word meaning

nenjE – Oh the mind!
nee – you
enRu ninaiththu – think that
ninaippavargaL thAm – those who consider
AzhvArgaLaiyum – the ten AzhvArs and
aruLichcheyalgaLaiyum – the dhivya prabandhams that they divined
thAzhvA – as lowly,
veezhvArgaL – would definitely fall
naragil – in hell,
thiri – (and so) spend your life (move around)
kUsi – feeling ashamed
eppozhudhum – at all times
chenRu – to go
aNuga – and reach
avar pAl – such people.


Earlier, as he (maNavALa mAmunigaL) divined ‘AzhvArgaL ERRam aruLichcheyal ERRam thAzhvu AdhuminRi avai thAm vaLarththOr [upadhESa raththina mAlai – 34], instead of being one who enriches them and their dhivyaprabandhams, they are not only not doing that, due to their lowly mind they insult, and so will fall. So they are to be given up, he says to his mind, starting with AzhvArgaLaiyum aruLichcheyalgaLaiyum’.

mamunigal-vanamamalai-closeupmaNavALa mAmunigaLvAnamAmalai

AzhvArgaL – they are – ‘nimagnarai uyarththath thAzha [AchArya hrudhayam – 84] (extend themselves to uplift the downtrodden (regarding SrIvaishNavam));

they incarnated in all types of births as said in ‘uyir aLippAn enninRa yOniyumAyp piRandhAi [thiruviruththam – 1]’ (You (emperumAn) incarnated as different births (to protect all beings)). Same is said in ‘yOginassarvyOnishu [guruparamparA prabhAvam part 166]’ (yOgis are born in glorious ways, in all yOnis (classes)). It was divined ‘kulam thAngu sAdhigaL nAlilum [thiruvAimozhi 3.7.9](~ in all the four classes of births).

aruLichcheyal – they are – due to the divine desire (sankalpam) of emperumAn, for everyone to reach goal, in easy thamizh language that is easy for everyone like ‘sAikaragam’ (a vessel with a pout?) , as said in ‘paNNiya thamizh mAlai [thiruvAimozhi 2.7.13]’ (~garland made of thamizh poetry), it is the dhivya prabandhams that incarnated through AzhvArs, and they explain about sarvEsvaran – who is simple to approach for everyone in the form of archai (statue) in all dhivya dhEsams, having unlimited innumerable auspicious qualities, and can be followed by all sentient,

and the dhivya prabandhams can be said as ‘sen thamizh vEdham’, that is, dhrAvida vEdha and its parts, that are called dhivya prabandhams.

Thinking of them as lowly (thAzhvA ninaippavar) is –

being not clear about the (aforementioned) greatness, and being mean by thinking that it is lowly based on the type of birth or type of language, that is they are like ‘mAnasair anthyajAthithAm [manu smruthi 12.9]’ (born in lowest birth due to offences committed by mind).

dhravida bhAshA nirUpaNasamam inbamAriyil ArAichchiyum [AchArya hrudhayam – 75] is how they were divined as equivalent blemishes (of such people).

If they are thinking about it (lowly) in your mind and not saying out such that others know their thoughts, then still, as said in ‘unnaich chindhaiyinAl igazhndha [thiruvAimozhi 2.6.6]’ ((hiraNyan) who insulted you in his mind), it would end up being a big evil.

ninaippavargaL thAm – with mind that is suitable for kindness (irakkam), the ones who have the audacity to use such mind to earn punishment for being unkind – such people would –

naragil veezhvArgaL enRu (fall in hell); think that – since such people are the target of what is said in ‘na kshamAmi [varAha purANam] (would not tolerate (those who insult my devotees)), so they would be subject to ‘kshipAmi [SrI bhagavath gIthA – 16.19]’ ((I will) push them (into asura births)), and will fall into the types of hell like rauravam.

nenjE eppozhudum – Oh mind which is having significant devotion towards AzhvArs and dhivya prabandhams that they divined!

At all times –

nee avar pAl chenRu aNugak kUsith thiri – You who is happy knowing about the greatness of our lords, be afraid to go and reach those who create disaster for themselves by offending those who find the way for you to get true life (ujjeevanam).

Since it is a disaster to befriend those who destroy svarUpam (true nature), be afraid to approach them and connect with them.

You have been with those who enrich your svarUpam (true nature), understand the nature of these other people and stay away from them thinking that their friendship is unbearable.

If asking how to know them – as said in ‘thathAhi viparIthA thE budhdhir AchAra varjithA [SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 21.10]’ (because your mental attitude (aRivu) is without virtue and is upside down (not in a good state)), by their bad AchAram recognize their bad mind, and if you see them be afraid like when seeing a serpent, fire, etc. These would lead to destruction of our body; those people would lead to destruction of our svarUpam (true nature).

By this it is clear that – like saying ‘AnukUlyasya sangkalpa: [SrI vishNu purANam – 1.14.3]’ (vowing to be a good person), it is also required to say ‘prAthikUlyasya varjana [SrI vishNu purANam – 1.14.3 / ahirbudhya samhithai 37.28 ?]’ (avoid those that are adverse (to that vow)).

It was divined (by maNavALa mAmunigaL) –  ‘vyAkkiyaigaL uLLadhellAm vaiyam aRiyap pagarvOm vAyndhu [upadhESa raththina mAlai – 34], isn’t it? { that is, this helps us reach the aforementioned goodness ?}

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Translation: raghurAm SrInivAsa dhAsan

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