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pAsuram 8

pEdhai nenjE inRaip perumai aRindhilaiyO
Edhu perumai inRaikku enRiyEl (en ennil) – OdhuginRen
vAyththa pugazh mangaiyar kOn mAnilaththil vandhu udhiththa
kArththikaiyil kArththikai nAL kAN                                                               8


Word by word meaning

nenjE – Oh the mind,
pEdhai – not having the true knowledge,
aRindhilaiyO – have you not known
perumai – the glory (vaibhavam) of
inRai – this day?
enRiyEl (en ennil) – If you ask
Edhu perumai – what is the greatness
inRaikku – of this day, then
OduginREn – I shall say that to you; that is,
mangaiyar kOnthirumangai AzhvAr
vAyththa – having fitting
pugazh – glory
vandhu udhiththa – came and divined his incarnation
mAnilaththil – in this big world
kArththikaiyil – in the month of kArththikai
kArththikai nAL – in the star day of kruththikAi;
kAN – you learn about this.

kaliyan_uthsavam_thiruvali_thirunagari_thirumangai_azhvar (Large)thirumangai AzhvAr – thiruvAli thirunagari


Then he is divining as a question and answer to his mind regarding the glory of thirumangai AzhvAr’s incarnation day of thirukkArththikai divine star day, starting this with ‘pEdhai nenjE’.

Unlike the earlier pAsuram where he said ‘eedhu ivar thORRaththu adaivAm [upadhEsa raththinamAlai – 4] which was in the order of incarnations of Azhvars, from this pAsuram he is presenting in the order of months in which various AzhvArs incarnated. For the sentients, this also would be a sequence to keep in their mind. It is convenient too to go in the order of months.

pEdhai nenjE inRaip perumai aRindhilaiyO – Oh the ignorant mind which thinks the other days as equivalent to this special day! The reason of our reaching the true goal that is enabled by this star day is something you could reflect upon, but are you not aware of this important day?

Edhu perumai inRaikku enRiyEl (en ennil) If you ask ‘What is the greatness of this day compared to the other days? Should you who know its greatness not divine it?’, then

OdhuginREn – I, who has understood, shall preach that to you (the mind) who has not understood it.

vAiththa pugazh , etc. – As said in ‘manRil mali pugazh mangai mannan [periya thirumozhi 11.2.10]’, he having the glory that matches his svarUpam (nature), the king of thirumangai, incarnated in this great world in the month of kArththikai , in the star day of kArththikai – you note this – is what I am preaching you.

The glory of his is – as said in ‘mAyOnai vAL valiyAl manthiram koL [periya thirumozhi thaniyan]’ (he got the rahasyam that is thirumanthram from mAyOn (emperumAn) using his strength of his sword);

It continues as ‘manthiram koL mangaiyar kOn [periya thirumozhi thaniyan]’ (one who got the thirumanthram, he is the king of thirumangai). It is the gain of thirumanthram that is the reason for the glory of this AzhvAr.

vAyththa – obtained/got.

It is ‘vAyththa thirumanthiram [upadhEsa raththinamAlai – 26]’ (~ the great thirumanthram is available (for us)).

Or, the place ‘mangai’ got the glory due to this AzhvAr’s incarnation.

mangaiyar kOn mAnilaththil vandhu udhiththa kArththikaiyil kArththikai nAL kANSuch AzhvAr the ruler of thirumangai, incarnated in the month of kArththikai in the star day of kArththikai, to remove the ‘thamas’ that is darkness (ignorance) from this world that is said as ‘iruL tharumA gyAlam [thiruvAimozhi 10.6.1]’ (~ material world that creates darkness) – learn this.

Since in ‘kalayAmi kali dhvamsam kavim lOka dhivAkaram [periya thirumozhi thaniyan]’ it is referring to thirumangai AzhvAr as a (rising) sun, here he (maNavALa mAmunigaL) is also using the word ‘vandhu udhiththa’ (rise/rose) to describe the incarnation of thirumangai Azhvar.

In this way he had manifested (AvirbhAvam), I have understood this greatness and am preaching this to you (the mind), and you who did not know this, shall now learn and support/follow it.

This AzhvAr , as said in ‘nejukku iruL kadi dhIpam [periya thirumozhi thaniyan]’ (~light that removes the darkness in our mind), incarnated to remove the darkness through his prabandham which is like ‘dheiva nan mAlai [periya thirumozhi 1.1.10] (~ beautiful garland for emperumAn). So, this day has come for us to celebrate with light (dheepam), and propitiation (ArAdhanA) (kArththikai dheepam)!

We should say as ‘kurvANa: kArthikE mAsi vishNOr dhIpam hi mandhirE [vishNu dharmOththara purANam]’ (light the lamps in vishNu temples during the month of kArththikai), and ‘vishNvAlayEshu kArththikyAm dhIpa dhAnam karOthiya: [vishNu dharmOththara purANam ]’ (In vishNu temples, lamps are donated during the month of kArththikai).

Such day matches the glory of the phrase ‘inRaip perumai’ (that is, matches the glory of the day due to thirumangai AzhvAr’s incarnation), as said in this pAsuram.

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English Translation: raghurAm srInivAsa dhAsan

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