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SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:
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pAsuram 22

inRO thiruvAdippUram emakkAga
anRo ingu ANdAL avathariththAL – kunRAdha
vAzhvAga(na) vaikuntha vAn pOkam thannai igazhndhu
AzhvAr thirumagaLArAi                                                                  22


Word by word meaning

thiru AdippUram – beautiful month of Adi’s pUram star (AsAdha, pUrva)
inRO – is it today!
emakkAga anRO – Isn’t it for us only,
vAzhvu Aga – to have life
kunRAdha – not having any shortcomings (of this material world),
igazhndhu – (that she) left
vaikuntham – SrI vaikuNtam of
vAn – best
pOkam thannai – comforts,
ANdAL – (that is,) sUdik koduththa nAchiyAr
avathariththAL – had incarnated
ingu – in this world
AzhvAr thirumagaLArAi – as the divine daughter of periyAzhvAr.


Out of the three mentioned in the previous pAsuram, he (maNavALa mAmunigaL) starts with talking about ANdAL who is the best among them, using three pAsurams; in this pAsuram he melts by engagement of his experience, in the thought whether today is thiru Adip pUram (AsAdha, pUrva) when ANdAL divined her incarnation to help him reach the goal.

inRO thiruvAdippUram – Is it today what is famously known as thiruvAdippUram? Is it today that we were granted such a day? If we got what is rare, then, doesn’t that become cause for enjoyment?

He is divining the reason next.

emakkAga anRO ingu ANdAL avathariththAL – Like when her baby falls in a well a mother would also jump in the same way to save it, (she incarnated to) take us out who have drowned in births (in this material world)? She who is the mother for all beings has divined her incarnation here. Like said in “kUpaththil vIzhum kuzhaviyudan kudhiththu avvApaththai nIkkum andha annaiyaip pOl [Arththip prabandham – 9]” (like the mother who also falls into the water and removes the danger), and in “kUpAntharmukthaputhram pathAthamanupathan mAthruvath” (Like how a mother would jump in to save the baby that fell into the well), he who is completely knowledgeable is considering her incarnation as for him.

ANDALpaintingSrI ANdAL

Next it talks about the rarity of such incarnation, by ‘kunRAdha’, etc.

Unlike the experience of other places which are not complete/not without shortcomings, in SrI vaikuNtam there is no hindrance to any greatness where limitless emperumAn is to be enjoyed – discarding such enjoyment, here too ‘pOkaththil vazhuvAdha pudhuvaiyar kOn kOthai [nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 8.10]’ (As the daughter of periyAzhvAr who enjoys emperumAn fully), she incarnated ‘AzhvAr thirumagaLArAi (as AzhvAr’s divine daughter, her highness)’.

Like how a queen would give less importance to the flowery bed of the king and lie down holding her baby’s cradle, ANdAL too ignored the limitless enjoyment of paramapadham, and came incarnating here.

Isn’t this what creates sorrow in the mind of maNavALa mAmunigaL?

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English Translation: raghurAm SrInivAsa dhAsan

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