upadhEsa raththina mAlai – 2

srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImath varavaramunayE nama:

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pAsuram – 2

kaRROrgaL thAm ugappar kalvi thannil Asai uLLOr
peRROm ena ugandhu pinbu kaRpar – maRROrgaL
mAchcharyaththAl igazhil vandhadhen nenjE igazhgai
AchcharyamO thAnavarkku                                                                 2


Word by word meaning:

kaRROrgaL thAm – those having the knowledge by education
ugappar – will be happy;
Asai uLLOr – those who wish
kalvi thannil – to get the education
ugandhu – would be happy
pinbu – and then
kaRpar – would learn / practice;
maRROrgaL – others / (uninterested ones),
mAchchariyaththAl – due to jealousy,
igazhil – if they find faults / ridicule
en – what
vandhadhu – bad would be there?
AchchariyamO – would it be a surprise (no)
thAnavarkku – if demoniacal personalities
igazhgai – find faults in other things?

maNavALa_mAmunigaL_thiruvaheendhrapuram-closupmaNavALamAmunigaL as giving darshan at thiruvaheendhrapuram


He asks in his mind, “dhEvarIr (your highness) divined ‘pinnavarum kaRka upadhEsamAip pEsuginREn manniya seer veNpAvil vaiththu [pAsuram 1]’ (that I am saying it as an advice using veNpA poetry form, for future generation to learn and follow), but those who are immersed in jealousy would criticize this effort wouldn’t they?”; and then he calms down his mind by saying that there is no harm done, and such behaviour of them is nothing to be surprised about.

kaRROrgaL thAm ugappar – As said in ‘aRiyak kaRRu vallAr [thiruvAimozhi 5.5.11]’ (~ those who learn and understand well), such AchAryas would be happy, saying, Ah! he is advising through this prabandham what we wanted to advise; Or the meaning for the phrase can be said as: those who learned this prabandham through their AchAryan (will be happy);

next it talks about the nature of those who, unlike such learned people, are interested in now learning and understanding this:

kalvi thannil Asai uLLOr peRROm ena ugandhu pinbu kaRpar – When we would have had to learn with great efforts from those who have learned and understood, now we are getting very easily through this prabandham! – and so the people who are very interested in learning this would say and become happy like they got a big wealth, by getting this, (pinbu kaRpar) and they would learn well from those who have learned and understood well, and be satisfied.

maRROrgal etc. – different from the aforementioned two kinds of people – Others;

They are: ‘aRindhavar pAl chenRu sErudhal (seRidhal) seyyA[dha] thee manaththar (gyAna sAram – 27]’ (bad-hearted ones who would not go to and learn from the learned);

mAchchariyaththAl igazhil – if they find faults due to jealousy.. jealousy is – as said in ‘piRar minukkam poRAmai [Arththi prabandham – 55], others’ jealousy is shown in real; that is, if they cannot tolerate the growth/greatness of others and if they find fault and ridicule/spurn;

vandhadhu en nenjE – Oh mind! as you are fully in congruence with the one (emperumAn) who possesses all the glories, there is no worry/problem (if they find faults); since they are ‘manakkuRRa mAndhar [rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi – 5]’ (~people whose mind is faulty), if they ridicule, then that would be a praise is what we think isn’t it?

{This 2nd pAsuram is very similar to the 5th pAsuram of rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi where amudhanar first tries to back out thinking about those others who would find faults with the prabandham }

Still if they would ridicule shouldn’t we stop (the prabandham),

igazhgai AchchariyamO thAnavarkku – for those who would grow plump when they ridicule (happy to be ridiculing others), it is not a surprize if they ridicule (our prabandham). So it is according to their nature;

From this, we conclude that the liking and disliking of good and the bad people respectively both would add to the greatness of the prabandham.

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English Translation: raghurAm srInivAsa dhAsan

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